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Valheim to Welcome Merchant Hildir and Will Introduce Three New Dungeon Locations

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Story Highlights

  • New NPC Hildir the merchant and her camp location are introduced in the forthcoming Valheim update.
  • Three new dungeon locations, including Smouldering tomb, Howling cavern, and Sealed tower, are part of the update.
  • Access to the Public Test branch is made available on Steam and Xbox Insider Hub, allowing users to participate in testing the update.


The new update for the Public Test version of Valheim has introduced significant content, including a new merchant NPC, Hildir, and three new dungeon locations.

Accessing the Update

To access this update on Steam, right-click on Valheim in the library, choose ‘Properties’, and navigate to ‘Betas’. Then, entering the code “yesimadebackups” will enable the Public Test branch. Microsoft and PC Game Pass users can access the update through the Xbox Insider Hub app by navigating to ‘Previews’ and joining the ‘Valheim Public Test’.

New Additions and Content

In this update, Hildir the merchant, the sister of Haldor, makes her appearance in Valheim. However, she has lost most of her stock on her journey and may ask for the player’s assistance upon finding her. A World modifiers button, added to the start game screen, provides various customization options and allows players to alter the difficulty level according to their play style.

The update introduces new locations such as Hildir’s camp, Smouldering tomb, Howling cavern, and Sealed tower, along with three mini bosses. It also includes a host of new items, including Fireworks, a Sparkler, new clothing items, and new furniture and materials. The update also adds extensions to the black forge and magetable, new hairstyles and beard styles, and four new music tracks.

Improvements, Fixes, and Quality of Life Changes

The update brings improvements to Haldor’s animations, fire effects, and hints from Hugin about traders in the game. Several fixes are also included, addressing issues ranging from level up algorithms and lag spikes in the Select World menu to problems with the minimap pin input field and server list functionality.

Quality of life enhancements allow players to quickly place items in a container from their inventory, manually choose snapping points for precision building, and skip the intro sequence from the pause menu. Upgraded workbenches and forges also benefit from an increased build range.

Miscellaneous Updates

Lastly, this update introduces new commands such as “tombstone” which creates tombstones and a new itemset ‘base’. The god mode now allows damage down to 1 health rather than taking no damage, providing an added challenge.

Source: Steam Blog

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