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New World’s Second Season, Blood of the Sands, Kicks Off Today

Promotional artwork for New World Blood of the Sands Update.
Image: New World

Story Highlights

  • Season 2, named Blood of the Sands, of the game New World is starting today, July 6, with downtime beginning at 5AM PT (12PM UTC) and expected to last 2 hours.
  • The season introduces a new storyline involving an ancient group known as Blood of the Sands and their quest to find the eggs of the Devourer, a massive creature.
  • The game offers new rewards, challenges, a new 3v3 Arenas map, and gameplay adjustments including the addition of Transmog and a new Raid Group feature.

The much-anticipated second season of New World, Blood of the Sands, is officially underway. The developers have scheduled a downtime of two hours to launch the new season. Players are being encouraged to prepare themselves for the introduction of new PvP activities, an engaging new storyline, and a massive sandwurm creature.

Ancient Mysteries and New Quests

The new season revolves around the enduring mystery of Brimstone Sands and its massive creature known as the Devourer. An ancient group, the Blood of the Sands led by Malek, emerges from the shadows to seek help in finding the eggs of these creatures. Players join the Silver Crows and Rima the bard to reveal the secrets of the order and their history with the creature they call Shah Neshen. Those who completed the Season 1 storyline can begin this new quest from any of the Crows Nest camps. Newcomers to the game can pick up the new quest in their questline from the Crows Nest.

New Rewards, Challenges and Features

With Blood of the Sands comes a new Season Journey, fresh activities on the Activity Card, new challenges, and a variety of new rewards. These include cosmetics and consumables such as Transmog Tokens. Players can preview the entire Season Pass for more details. Mid-season 2 will see the introduction of Transmog, allowing players to customize their characters by capturing the appearance of any gear collected and transforming it into a usable skin for their cosmetic collection.

Exciting Gameplay Modes and Updates

Season 2 offers several new gameplay modes and updates. Among these is the Elite Trial: Arena of Shah Neshen, where players take on a massive sandwurm for elite rewards in a challenging new PvE game mode for 20 max-level players. There’s also the Seasonal Trial: The Hatchery, where players fight waves of enemies to prevent a plot to hatch dangerous sandwurm eggs and confront the keeper of the Hatchery, Hadish Hazar, and his minions.

Updates also extend to PvP gameplay, with the PvP Reward Track being refreshed with new rewards and increased predictability. In addition, the Outpost Rush mode will soon be playable across any world within the same region, introducing cross world functionality and gameplay enhancements such as reduced wait times and an increased focus on objectives.

Changes to First Light and the Introduction of 3v3 Arenas

The territory of First Light has undergone significant changes. It has fallen to Artemis and her Angry Earth horde, leading to the closure of the Settlement, Fort, and Trading Post in the territory. All related items will return to Storage and can be found under the “Old First Light” tab in any Storage shed. The developers have big plans for the territory and promise that this is only the first step.

Source: New World

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