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Palia Character Creation Details Revealed

Image: Palia

Story Highlights

  • Palia’s character creation is the first experience in the game, aiming to help players identify what kind of human they wish to be in the world of Palia.
  • Players have an array of customization options, including face shape, skin tones, eye colors, and unique hair color combinations.
  • Palia’s character creator promotes inclusivity and diversity, allowing characters of any body type to wear any type of clothing, regardless of gender norms.

Creating a New Persona in Palia

In the world of Palia, the game immediately immerses players into its lore. The story centers around humans returning to the world of Palia after thousands of years, and character creation plays a significant role in this narrative. Players are encouraged to envision and manifest their identity in the game, answering the question: What kind of human do they want to be?

When it comes to character creation, the game offers a plethora of options. From face shapes to a range of skin tones and eye colors, players are presented with various customization alternatives to make their character truly unique. The game’s focus on detail extends to hair as well, with options to mix and match primary and secondary hair colors.

Image: Palia

Expression and Diversity in Character Design

In addition to cosmetic customization, Palia advocates for inclusivity and diversity in character design. Regardless of a character’s body type, players have the freedom to dress their characters in any attire, defying traditional gender norms. Whether a player wants their character with a masculine body type to wear a dress or a character with a feminine body type to wear pants, Palia supports player choice.

A Living, Breathing Game

Not just limited to the existing options, the developers confirmed that Palia, as a live service game, will continually evolve and expand. This means players can expect more customization options to be added over time, enabling them to continually refine and redefine their characters in the expansive world of Palia.

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