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Guardians of Holme, a Deck Building Tower Defense Game, Launches into Steam Early Access

Image: MossTech Studio

Story Highlights

  • Guardians of Holme, a tower defense game with deckbuilding and rogue-lite elements, enters Steam Early Access on June 16, 2023.
  • The game incorporates two distinct play styles and offers a variety of strategies for defending against waves of enemies.
  • Players’ feedback during early access will be used to refine the game, with plans for new characters, traps, artifacts, and game modes already underway.


Guardians of Holme, a strategy game combining elements of tower defense, deckbuilding, and rogue-lite gameplay, will be available on Steam Early Access starting June 16, 2023. Priced at 12.99 USD, players can also take advantage of a 20% discount during the game’s first week on the platform.

Gameplay and Early Access Details

Guardians of Holme tasks players with using the terrain to their advantage and strategically placing traps to fend off ceaseless enemy waves. As the game advances, players can obtain new trap cards, relics, and upgrades to enhance their decks and take on tougher adversaries.

Image: MossTech Studio

The early access version of the game offers two distinct play styles with the choice of characters, Seth and Nicole. It introduces an array of traps and artifacts, making each gameplay attempt unique. Players are free to develop their own tactics, whether it’s concentrating on maximizing the damage of a single trap, using displacing traps to force enemies into pits, or using roadblocks in conjunction with the terrain.

The game’s development team is dedicated to ongoing improvement and plans to actively incorporate player feedback throughout the early access phase. Preparations for new characters, traps, artifacts, and game modes are already in progress, underscoring the team’s commitment to making Guardians of Holme a rewarding gaming experience.

Image: MossTech Studio

Story and Setting

In Guardians of Holme, players step into the role of a skilled artisan from Holme, leading heroic citizens in defending their kingdom from a demonic onslaught. The game’s narrative revolves around a world recovering from the ravages of a Demon King, who was sealed away by a legendary hero. As the demons re-emerge and march towards the prosperous Royal City, the player’s mission is to combine their intellect with a plethora of traps to maintain the kingdom’s last line of defense.

The game challenges players with a variety of monster types and powerful bosses attacking from both the ground and air. Different relics and strategic deck building facilitate tailoring tactics to changing terrains and enemy types. The game also provides options to pause or speed up, allowing players to implement the best tactics to overcome the challenges.

Written by Shaun Savage

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