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Tokyo Stories Delayed, Release “To Be Determined”

Image: Drecom Co

Story Highlights

  • Tokyo Stories, a pixel art adventure game by Drecom, has had its 2023 release postponed to an undetermined future date.
  • The delay stems from the team’s decision to incorporate additional ideas and content, expanding the original scope of the project.
  • A small playable version of the game will be showcased at the upcoming “BitSummit Let’s Go!” event.


Drecom has announced the postponement of its pixel art adventure game, Tokyo Stories, originally slated for a 2023 release. The game, planned for both console and PC via Steam, now has an unannounced release date.

Tokyo Stories: An Expanded Vision

Producer Yuki Ikeda explained the reason behind the delay in a recent statement. Tokyo Stories was initially intended to be a small project, but as the team delved into the development process, they discovered an abundance of new ideas and content that they wanted to incorporate into the game.

“Unfortunately, after much consideration we have decided to postpone the release schedule to ‘to be determined’ status. We are very sorry for all the people who have been looking forward to the release of Tokyo Stories to be made this year,” said Ikeda.

“Our original plan of the title was to be a rather small project. But as our team worked on the project day by day, we came to a realization that we had more ideas and contents we wanted to implement in Tokyo Stories than we originally had in mind,” he continued. “The voices of the community have driven us to be confident in what we were making.”

Community Support and Future Plans

Despite the delay, Ikeda acknowledged the positive impact of community support on the development team. The reactions and opinions expressed by the community bolstered their confidence in the project and motivated them to deliver a more substantial, memorable experience.

Ikeda ensured fans that the development team is working diligently to bring their expanded vision of Tokyo Stories to life. “We are now working together as a team with all our might to develop this project,” he stated.

As a consolation to eager fans and attendees of the upcoming “BitSummit Let’s Go!” event, Drecom will provide a small playable version of Tokyo Stories. “We are hoping you will come and visit us,” Ikeda added.

With the full official release of Tokyo Stories now postponed, Drecom asks for fans’ patience and understanding. Ikeda concluded by saying, “We appreciate your patience and understanding over this matter, and we look forward to your continued support!”

Written by Shaun Savage

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