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Final Fantasy 16 New Game+ Will Have ‘Final Fantasy Mode’ with Elevated Difficulty

Story Highlights

  • Final Fantasy 16 will introduce a ‘Final Fantasy Mode’ as a part of its New Game+ features.
  • This mode will offer increased difficulty with higher enemy levels and a raised level cap to 100.
  • Completion of this elevated difficulty mode will be rewarded with a gold trophy.

Final Fantasy 16 is set to include a New Game+ ‘Final Fantasy Mode’, enhancing the game’s replayability by providing an elevated level of challenge. This mode will be accessible to players after the completion of the game and will come with an assortment of features designed to test the player’s skills.

Challenging the Veterans: The ‘Final Fantasy Mode’

In the ‘Final Fantasy Mode’, players will be greeted with heightened enemy levels, testing their strategies and combat skills. In addition to the increase in enemy levels, the player’s level cap will be raised to 100, giving them the opportunity to further strengthen their characters.

Further pushing the boundaries, the acclaimed ‘Ultima Weapon’ will be made available for crafting in this mode. Players’ level, possessions, and abilities will be carried over into this New Game+, ensuring that their progress remains intact while they rise to the new challenges.

The completion of the ‘Final Fantasy Mode’ will not go unrewarded. The developers have included a coveted gold trophy for those who manage to conquer this demanding mode, further enhancing the satisfaction of victory.

Upon starting a new game, players typically have the option to choose between a Story-focused or Action-focused mode. However, with the introduction of New Game+, players will also have the option to select the ‘Final Fantasy Mode’. The ‘Artete Stone’ Arcade Mode will also see an addition, featuring an ‘Utimania’ difficulty level and a Hard time attack mode known as ‘Chronolith Trials’.

The World of Final Fantasy 16

Set in the world of Valisthea, Final Fantasy 16 takes players on an epic journey through a land divided between six nations. These nations derive their power from magical Crystals and Dominants, humans who host each nation’s Eikon. As a malady known as the Blight begins to devastate the land, tensions escalate among the nations.

Players will step into the shoes of Clive Rosfield, a guardian to his younger brother Joshua, as he embarks on a quest for revenge against the dark Eikon Ifrit after witnessing the destruction of his kingdom.

As the sixteenth main installment in the storied Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy 16 is set to be released as a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023.

Source: Genki on Twitter

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