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theHunter COTW Outback/Emerald Coast Update Now Available – Hunt the Saltwater Crocodile and More!

Image: Expansive Worlds

Story Highlights

  • Emerald Coast Australia, the latest hunting ground featuring unique Australian fauna, is now accessible on theHunter: Call of the Wild.
  • A new cosmetic pack for Layton Lake, one of the game’s earliest maps, offering customizability inspired by the iconic reserve, is now available.
  • Free Outback Update includes the majestic Fallow Deer as a Great One, Australian Bushwear outfit, and expanded customization for tents and ground blinds.

theHunter: Call of the Wild, has now expanded its boundaries, encompassing the rich biodiversity of Australia’s Emerald Coast. This update along with a new Layton Lake Cosmetic Pack is now available for players across all platforms.

Emerald Coast Australia unfolds the panoramic landscapes of Australia, featuring the subtropical bushlands and tropical rainforests. As hunters traverse the stunning wilderness, they’ll encounter some of Australia’s most iconic species, including the Saltwater Crocodile, Eastern Gray Kangaroo, and a newly introduced Great One, among others.

Image: Expansive Worlds

Hunters can now delve deeper into the region’s unique ecological intricacies with dedicated side and story missions. These missions are primarily focused on conservation, cooperation, and community, further instilling the value of protecting the beautiful yet fragile Australian ecosystems.

To aid the hunting journeys across the Emerald Coast, the new Zagan Varminter .22-250 Bolt-Action Rifle is available. Designed to be light and comfortable to shoot, this firearm is a welcome addition to any hunter’s arsenal.

The release also brings updates for the Layton Lake reserve, with the launch of the Layton Lake Cosmetic Pack. This new addition allows players to customize their weapons, tents, and ground blinds with unique paints, sprays, camos, and wraps, all inspired by the cherished Layton Lake reserve.

Image: Expansive Worlds

theHunter: Call of the Wild has also launched the free Outback Update. In this update, the majestic Fallow Deer takes its place as a new Great One, providing an exciting challenge to the hunting experience. It also introduces the Australian Bushwear outfit, a fresh clothing set that echoes the style of the Australian outback, purchasable with in-game currency.

In terms of customization, the update expands the options for tents and ground blinds. All customization options unlocked for weapons can now be applied to these items as well. However, it is important to note that customization changes can only be made while the item is in the player’s inventory.

The Outback Update introduces several new features, adjustments, improvements, and bug fixes, all aimed to enhance the gaming experience. From interactive audio clues provided by fleeing animals to revised XP requirement values for weapons, ammunition, and gear items, the update meticulously covers various aspects of the gameplay.

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