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Sin Eater Duck Joins Goose Goose Duck in Latest Update

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Story Highlights

  • The new Sin Eater Duck role, part of the Corruption game mode, requires strategic sacrifice to eliminate other players.
  • A Limited Time Event Game Mode, Task Race, offers a new way to compete by completing as many tasks as possible.
  • Enhancements in the gameplay include faster movement for geese and no meetings, purely focusing on task completion.

In the recent update of the social deduction game Goose Goose Duck, developers have introduced the Sin Eater Duck. This addition expands the roles available in the game, requiring a unique strategy where the player must accumulate corruption to eliminate other players, even at the cost of their own life.

Strategy and Sacrifice with Sin Eater Duck

The new Sin Eater Duck role, accessible only in the Corruption game mode, presents a compelling risk-and-reward dynamic. Players assuming this role have fake tasks and need to accumulate corruption to gain the capability to eliminate players in their proximity. However, such an action would also cost the Sin Eater Duck its life, unless it manages to take down a sufficient number of players, in which case it will survive. It’s worth noting that the Sin Eater Duck can only appear in games with more than one duck.

Task Race: A Limited-Time Event Game Mode

Besides the addition of the Sin Eater Duck role, the update also brings a limited-time event game mode, termed Task Race. This mode is exclusively available during Limited Time Token Events. In the Task Race, players, each playing a Goose, compete against one another to complete as many tasks as possible within a given time limit. To increase the pace, the geese are granted faster movement and no meetings are held, putting the spotlight purely on task completion. The task token caps established in the game still apply in this mode.

This addition presents players with an opportunity to exhibit their task-completion prowess and earn bragging rights among their friends. It also adds another layer of competition to the gameplay, encouraging players to secure their spot on the podium by completing the most tasks within the set time frame.

Source: Steam Blog

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