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New CS2 Patch Fixes Bug With Sell-Back Feature & More

Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist character artwork for Counter-Strike 2.
Image: Valve

Story Highlights

  • The new CS2 patch fixes a bug affecting the sell-back feature, bringing about a smoother trading experience.
  • Map and movement-related bugs have been addressed, particularly on Mirage and player motion mechanics.
  • Various enhancements include adjustments in main menu positioning for CTs holding the Dual Elites and sound synchronization during automatic fire.

Valve has released a fresh patch for Counter-Strike 2, primarily targeting the sell-back feature bug that had been posing challenges to the game’s trading mechanics. This improvement is expected to facilitate a more streamlined experience for players engaged in the game’s item exchange.

Sound, Graphics, and Menu Adjustments

Apart from this significant fix, the patch also caters to various other aspects of the game, such as sound synchronization, texture streaming issues, and main menu position adjustments. It tackles the issue of sound lag for the initial rounds of automatic fire, thereby ensuring a more realistic auditory experience during the game.

Graphics-related improvements are noticeable in this update as well. Texture streaming issues that might have previously detracted from the visual appeal and performance of the game have been fixed. Enhancements to the game’s stickers have been implemented as part of this patch, although specific changes were not detailed in the patch notes.

The patch has also altered the main menu’s position for CTs holding Dual Elites, presumably to make this option more visible and accessible to the players. Tooltip glitches, which sometimes resulted in tooltips lingering on the screen after exiting the loadout screen, have been addressed in this update.

Map and Movement Improvements

Maps and movement mechanics, integral parts of CS2 gameplay, have also been improved with this patch. On the map front, the Mirage map has been a particular recipient of multiple lightmap fixes. Additionally, smoke clouds are now programmed to pass through the metal rollup grating in the underpass area on the same map, adding to the realism of the gameplay environment.

On the movement side, a bug causing the player to move excessively forward at times has been fixed, expected to contribute to a more controlled player movement experience. The patch wraps up with a comprehensive sweep of various bug fixes.

Source: Steam Blog

Written by Shaun Savage

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