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The Sims 4 Take the Reins Season & Horse Expansion Leaked

Image: EA

Story Highlights

  • Electronic Arts introduces Take the Reins season for The Sims 4, paving the way for a new expansion, two kits, and additional features.
  • A leak on Steam offers an exclusive preview into the highly anticipated Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack, scheduled for a July 20th, 2023 release.
  • The Expansion Pack promotes a vibrant ranch life, allowing Sims to bond with animals, engage in community events, and embrace their entrepreneurial spirit.

The upcoming Take the Reins season of The Sims 4, announced recently by EA, hints at a fresh expansion, additional kits, and an array of new features. This intriguing season explores the middle ground between traditional and modern, independent and communal, and chaotic and wholesome aspects of life. It challenges players to break free from the constraints of expectations and chart their unique paths.

Leaked Details of The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack

Along with EA’s announcement, a leak on the Sims Community website revealed the finer details of The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack. This upcoming pack, confirmed for release on July 20, 2023, will be compatible across PC, Mac, Xbox, and PlayStation supported consoles.

The Horse Ranch Expansion Pack fosters a hard-working yet fulfilling life on the ranch. Players can interact with and care for horses, mini sheep, and mini goats, cultivating special bonds with them. Furthermore, the expansion enables Sims to flex their entrepreneurial muscles by selling homemade Nectar. From customization options for horses to the ability to design unique ranch layouts, the expansion offers a rich tapestry of life on a ranch.

Image: EA

The Horse Ranch Expansion is replete with engaging features. One of them is the Rockin’ Rancher Digital Content that includes a resonator guitar, wagon wheel art, and a rustic rocking chair available for orders placed before August 31. The expansion also fosters a vibrant social scene, with opportunities to socialize at local bars, participate in dance halls, or engage in friendly horse competitions at the equestrian park.

Horses are central to the Expansion Pack’s charm. Players can customize their equine companions, rescue new horses, or even witness foals born on their ranch. The Sims can enhance their riding skills while horses train in agility and jumping skills. High performing horse-rider duos can earn accolades at the equestrian center.

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack also entices players with its pre-order bonuses. Those who pre-order the pack by the end of August will receive the Rockin Rancher Digital Content, offering relaxing pastimes for their Sims after a day of ranch work.

Written by Shaun Savage

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