How To Evolve Cards in Clash Royale

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In the dynamic realm of Clash Royale, players are always seeking ways to enhance their gameplay and strengthen their deck. One such method is through card evolution, a game mechanic that upgrades the abilities of a player’s cards. This guide will shed light on how to unlock and apply these evolutions, discuss the role of shards, explain how these evolutions function in battles, and delve into the specifics of each card evolution.

How to Evolve Cards

Card evolutions in Clash Royale can be unlocked by gathering six Evolution shards for the specific card one intends to evolve. Shards can be sourced from multiple places, such as the season shop, pass royale, challenges, and shop offers. Also, level-up chests and the path of Legends sometimes contain these valuable shards. Moreover, a new magic item, “The Wild Shard,” allows players to apply a shard towards any desired Evolution. This can be obtained from the season shop or the normal shop.

How Evolutions Work

To use an evolved card, it must be placed in the Evolution deck slot. If a card is not in this slot, the evolutions will not be applicable during the game. However, it should be noted that the Evolution slot becomes accessible only when the player reaches king level seven.

During a battle, card evolutions are triggered after playing the card a certain number of times. For instance, evolved barbarians initially appear as regular barbarians when played for the first time. The player must wait for the card to come back in their cycle before they can deploy it in its evolved state. The number of cycles needed for the evolution to occur varies from card to card, and this information can be found within the card info screen.

Each Card Evolution

Each evolved card boasts distinct attributes, and here are some specifics:

Evolve Barbarians

Evolved barbarians possess a unique ability that makes them “angry” with every hit they deal, increasing their movement and attack speed. Each successful hit stacks up this anger, which has a significantly shorter cooldown than a rage spell. At tournament standards, evolved barbarians have 870 HP and deal 270 damage, enabling them to withstand a Fireball.

Evolve Skeletons

Evolved skeletons, unlike their regular counterparts, come in a set of four instead of three. Each hit from a skeleton summons a new evolved skeleton, with a limit of eight in total. Furthermore, these extra skeletons can also spawn more skeletons when the limit decreases due to a few skeletons’ demise. You will need to play the skeletons card twice to evolve the card in battle.

Evolved Firecracker

Though similar in many ways to the regular firecracker, the evolved version has increased health (435 HP), making it resilient to arrows. It also features an enhanced projectile that leaves damaging marks on the ground where it lands, behaving somewhat like a poison spell.

Evolved Royal Giant

The evolved Royal Giant inflicts recoil damage in a radius around him with every attack, knocking back enemies. However, air cards are unaffected by this ability. The evolved Royal Giant, with close to 4000 HP, is significantly more durable than the regular version. It is important to note that it requires only one cycle to evolve, but the 6-Elixir cost makes it challenging to deploy.

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