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The Companion System in Starfield Features Romance, Skills, and Quest Lines

Image: Bethesda

Story Highlights

  • Starfield’s companion system allows players to recruit crew members, each equipped with unique skills and quest lines.
  • These companions influence gameplay, affecting ship and outpost operations while also providing potential romantic storylines.
  • Players can assign crew to their ship or outpost, with the crew’s unique skills influencing its operation.

Starfield is enhancing its gameplay by introducing a dynamic companion system. This system allows players to embark on their space voyages with a crew of companions who provide more than just company; they offer valuable skills, unique quest lines, and potential romantic opportunities.

Image: Bethesda

The player’s journey can involve a variety of companions, including members of the Constellation, each of whom can join the player’s crew. Once onboard, these companions will accompany the player during their space travels, providing their distinct skills to improve operations onboard the ship and at outposts.

From Skills to Storylines: The Impact of Companions

Each companion within the Starfield universe is designed with a unique skill set, which can provide a variety of benefits to the player’s missions and base operations. Moreover, these companions contribute to the game’s narrative by offering unique quest lines that players can pursue. Some of these relationships can even evolve into romantic storylines, adding another layer of depth to the player’s experience.

In addition to companions, players can also recruit additional crew members at space ports or meet potential crew members during their explorations. These crew members can be assigned to either the ship or an outpost, where their unique skills will influence the operations of these areas. Like companions, most crew members can also assist the player during missions.

Image: Bethesda

The companion system also includes a variety of characters, such as Vasco, designed around the core principles of a NASA machine but with a touch of humanity. The developers have aimed to give these characters distinct personalities, impacting the interactions players have with them.

By integrating the shipbuilding tools with the crew selection feature, Starfield offers players the ability to construct and manage their ideal spacecraft. In essence, the companion system in Starfield serves as a tool for deepening the gameplay and narrative experience, allowing each player’s journey to be as unique as the crew they choose to accompany them.

Source: Starfield Direct

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