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Starfield’s Ships Can be Bought, Sold, and Fully Customized

Image: Bethesda

Story Highlights

  • Starfield permits players to buy, sell, and fully alter their spaceships.
  • Customizations can be made on a range from visual aspects, like paint jobs and overall design, to practical facets including system upgrades and additional modules.
  • Each spaceport within the game features a ship technician to assist players with these modifications.

Exploring Starfield’s Ship Customization Features

Starfield has recently disclosed a feature set to redefine how players experience the game: spaceship customization. Spaceships in Starfield serve as more than merely a tool for space exploration – they become an extension of the player’s character and serve as a kind of mobile domicile in the endless cosmos.

Image: Bethesda

The journey begins at the game’s space ports, where players can interact with ship technicians. These technicians play a crucial role in the purchase, sale, and modification of ships. Starting with an initial model such as the speedy fighter, ideal for bounty hunting, players can gradually build their fleet with diverse ships, such as large space freighters perfect for cargo missions or clandestine smuggling operations.

Image: Bethesda

Once a ship is acquired, the customization process commences. Players have the choice to quickly upgrade individual systems, such as weapons and shields, or delve deeper by entering the shipbuilder mode. This mode allows comprehensive alterations to the ship, from adjusting its systems to entirely changing its aesthetics and layout.

Functional Enhancements and Aesthetic Alterations

Functional enhancements in Starfield extend beyond mere stat boosts. Players can add a habitat module to create additional room for their crew or install an advanced grav drive for enabling longer space jumps. Moreover, ship customizations can influence the activities conducted inside the ship. For instance, installing crafting modules or storage spaces can facilitate crafting activities or displaying collected weapons, respectively.

Image: Bethesda

In addition to practical alterations, aesthetic modifications are also available. Adding cowling can change the ship’s overall design, and a personalized paint job can deliver the exact look a player wants. In-game ship manufacturers in Starfield bring a unique touch to each part of your ship, from living quarters and cargo holds to mess halls and control rooms.

The customization process truly encapsulates the “to each their own” principle. Players are free to allow their creativity to manifest, resulting in ships that are reflections of their personal taste and style. Some have even chosen to take a more whimsical approach by modeling their ships after animals, showcasing the level of customization on offer.

With this feature, Starfield guarantees that each player’s ship is more than a vehicle for space exploration. It evolves into a personalized home, a unique character, and a central part of their cosmic voyage.

Source: Starfield Direct

Written by Shaun Savage

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