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Teardown Introduces Creative Mode in Latest Update Now Live on PC

Image: Tuxedo Labs

Story Highlights

  • Teardown, from Tuxedo Labs and Saber Interactive, rolls out Creative Mode in the latest update now available on Steam.
  • The new mode allows players to build their own objects in the game using various voxel materials and customize game levels to their liking.
  • Update 1.4 also enhances Teardown’s API, granting modders more advanced tools to create dynamic in-game content.

Unleashing Creativity in Teardown

Tuxedo Labs, in partnership with Saber Interactive, has introduced the Creative Mode in Teardown, a fully destructible, voxel-based sandbox heist game. This addition was first announced during the PC Gaming Show and is now available as part of Update 1.4 on Steam.

The Creative Mode provides players with the ability to directly infuse their own creativity into the game. With the help of various voxel materials, including wood, brick, and metal, players can construct new objects of diverse shapes and sizes. These custom-built creations can be saved, spawned, moved, and duplicated effortlessly. To access the Creative Mode, players simply enter any level in Sandbox Mode, and then select Creative Mode from the menu.

Image: Tuxedo Labs

Additionally, Update 1.4 has enriched Teardown’s API, offering modders more sophisticated tools to create their own in-game content. In a first for the game, modders can now create scripts that dynamically add and remove voxels in real-time, facilitating the manipulation and rearrangement of shapes. This feature opens up possibilities for real-time transformations within the game. Examples of these include seeds growing into trees, buildings autonomously constructing themselves, and the creation of vehicles that gather rust over time. The update paves the way for a new era of content created by the community.

Teardown’s Creative Mode is also scheduled to be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S when the game launches on these platforms later this year. Console players will have access to the full 40-mission story campaign, the “Art Vandals” campaign expansion, special challenges, and the Sandbox Mode. This will be accompanied by a collection of top-rated mods from the PC community, a console-friendly user interface, and haptic feedback on PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers.

Image: Tuxedo Labs

Teardown has been recognized for its unique design approach, winning multiple awards, including the Excellence in Design at the Independent Games Festival. The game’s realistic physics and fully destructible voxel-based world provide players with the freedom to discover unique and emergent gameplay solutions to a variety of challenges. With a growing array of tools and vehicles at their disposal, players can plan and execute heists in nearly any way they can imagine.

Written by Shaun Savage

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