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Tactical Autochess RPG Kingsblood Set to Launch on PC This June

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Story Highlights

  • Kingsblood, featuring tactical autochess mechanics within an RPG setting, will release on PC on June 21st.
  • The game allows players to assemble unique warriors, strategically master party composition, and venture into dungeons in a grimdark world.
  • Despite not offering high-end graphics or multi-player mode, Kingsblood boasts of a story-heavy campaign, character progression, endless dungeons, and base building.

Stepping into the World of Kingsblood

Set to arrive on PC on June 21st, Kingsblood weaves together tactical autochess mechanics with a fully voiced RPG campaign. Players are thrust into a grimdark world dominated by a despotic monarchy, where political intrigue and injustice reign. The aim is to form a formidable guild of unique followers, dispatch them on hazardous quests, and expand their guild hall as they navigate through the game.

Within this dark medieval fantasy world, players can form alliances with various cities to boost trade, discover new quests, or simply immerse themselves in the local tavern rumors. Characters with distinct special abilities and synergies can be encountered and recruited, offering strategic depth in battles and enhancing management of the group’s motivation.

Exploration, Combat, and Progression in Kingsblood

Adventurous players can explore eerie caves brimming with traps, adversaries, and treasures, challenging the formidable enemies that lurk within. Combat in Kingsblood demands tactical acumen, with emphasis on exploiting the foes’ elemental weaknesses by adroit troop positioning before the auto-simulated battles commence.

Kingsblood offers a richly woven, story-heavy campaign set in a dark fantasy realm. Among its features are over 50 unlockable characters, character progression, and endless quests, dungeons, and items. The game also incorporates synergy effects based on party composition, base building, and crafting of weapons and potions.

While Kingsblood does not deliver high-end graphics or reactive gameplay, nor does it provide a multi-player mode, it distinguishes itself through its focus on immersive storylines, character development, tactical gameplay, and engaging exploration elements. The game, set to hit the digital shelves on June 21st, is priced at $14.99.

You can wishlist the game on Steam and purchase it when it releases on June 21st, 2023.

Written by Shaun Savage

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