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Everspace 2 Update Introduces Changes to Legendary Slots, Radio Chatter, and More

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Story Highlights

  • The update allows players to equip two Legendary pieces of gear on all ship tiers, not just Tier 4.
  • Radio chatter, including AI-generated speech samples, has been added to Everspace 2 to liven up spaceport scenes.
  • Adjustments have been made to the Paving the Way boss fight to improve the gameplay experience, especially at higher difficulty levels.

Legendary Slot Changes

The latest Everspace 2 update expands the capacity for equipping Legendary gear. Now, players can outfit their ships with two Legendary pieces, irrespective of the ship tier. This change aims to strike a balance in gameplay, acknowledging ongoing discussions about the number of Legendary items that can be equipped. The development team continues to strive for equilibrium, while developing more items for future updates.

Enhanced Immersion with Radio Chatter

The new update also brings more life to the spaceports in Everspace 2. The introduction of radio chatter, particularly in high-traffic areas, enhances the sense of bustling space cities and settlements. The additional snippets have been partially created using AI tools, blending written scripts from the design team with AI-altered speech samples from team members. This experimental approach will help gauge the compatibility of AI-created content with the game’s universe. The developers, however, stress that AI tools, while interesting for support, will not replace the work of writers, artists, and voice actors in any significant way.

Boss Fight Adjustments

Changes have been implemented to the Paving the Way boss fight, addressing difficulties experienced by even seasoned pilots. Adjustments made to the sniper turrets, including disabling them in the first phase and slowing their targeting in the second, ensure a fairer fight and prevent undue frustration, particularly on higher difficulty levels.

Besides these major changes, the update introduces several other features and tweaks. These include the addition of a dedicated volume slider for background chatter, the option to limit the maximum frame rate when the game is not in focus, and various UI improvements. The update also brings a few alterations to ship passives, balances certain game elements, and integrates community suggestions for translation improvements from Crowdin.

Source: Steam Blog

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