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Sun Haven Update 1.2 Brings Romance, Barns, Animals, and More!

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Story Highlights

  • The Patch 1.2 update introduces a barn and animals upgrade. Players can now upgrade their barns to Tier 3, providing more interior space and capacity for additional animals. The update includes new regional barns and a selection of new farm animals for purchase.
  • There are three new romanceable characters: Kai, Vivi, and Wesley. Each character has their own unique dates, cutscenes, dialogue, and keepsakes.
  • Player house and farm building customization are now available. Players can now purchase unique elements to modify the exterior of their house and sheds, creating a personalized look for their farm.

Sun Haven has rolled out the Romance and Barns Update, also known as Patch 1.2. The update ushers in a host of new content and features, including upgraded barns and farm animals, three new romanceable characters, and enhanced customization for players’ houses and farms. All these features are currently available in English, with translations for other languages to follow soon.

Barns and Animals Update

The barn and animals update is a central aspect of Patch 1.2. Previously, Sun Haven players could only maintain up to four Tier 1 barns. With the new update, they can upgrade their barns up to Tier 3, expanding the interior space and increasing their capacity for animals. Each barn upgrade adds an additional eight slots for barn animals.

Alongside the barn upgrades, Patch 1.2 introduces new regional barns that players can place and upgrade. These include up to four Elven Barns in Nel’Vari and a Sewer Barn in Withergate. The update also includes new animals and creatures that players can purchase for their farms, further adding variety to the game’s farming dynamics.

New Romanceable Characters

The update brings three new characters into the romantic fold of Sun Haven. Players can now romance Kai, a wayward Naga with an elusive past; Vivi, a klutzy bounty hunter; and Wesley, a familiar face and an Elven historian. Each character offers a unique story arc complete with unique dates, cutscenes, dialogue, keepsakes, and wedding rings.

Unlocking these characters requires the fulfillment of certain prerequisites. For instance, players must reach Summer Year 1 to unlock Kai, complete the Commonality questline in Nel’Vari for Wesley, and navigate through the Glorite Miners encounter in Withergate for Vivi.

Farm Building Customization

Sheds, a new feature in Patch 1.2, offer another avenue for customization. Players can now craft sheds at a Construction Table, along with various shed skin kits to alter their exteriors. These sheds provide additional storage and can be decorated according to the players’ preferences.

Player House Customization

The patch includes a new Hardware Store in Sun Haven, which offers over 135 unique items for players to customize the exterior of their houses. The store’s selection ranges from unique roofs, walls, windows, doors, and patios, giving players endless possibilities to create their dream home.

New DLC Packs

In addition to the major updates, the Romance and Barns Update includes four new DLC packs that offer various themes, unique to the region of the player’s choice. Each pack includes new items, outfits, hairstyles, and even exclusive pets.

Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes

Patch 1.2 also brings several quality-of-life improvements. These include an enhanced game menu, better loading times, more convenient hotkeys, and improved player notifications. The update also resolves numerous bugs, including ones related to character AI, inventory management, and farming mechanics, making for a smoother gaming experience.

Finally, balance adjustments have been made to ensure a more fair and engaging gameplay. These include adjustments to the game economy, leveling speed, and resource acquisition rates.

Source: Steam Blog

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