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Dead Matter Dev Vlog Shows Off Huge Zombie Counts, Harvesting System, & More

Image: QI Games

Story Highlights:

  • Lead Developer Nick updates on major transformations in Dead Matter, particularly in the game’s zombie counts, which have now increased to support simulation of thousands, with a single session demonstrating 2751 zombies.
  • The vlog introduces the in-house developed AI system, Pitbull, which significantly enhances zombie behavior in the game, leading to more engaging gameplay.
  • The game now features a new harvesting system that allows players to interact with the environment, including chopping down trees and gathering berries.

Following a substantial period of evolution and development, Nick, the lead developer of Dead Matter, returns to share updates on the project’s progress. The latest vlog from the team showcases several substantial changes that have taken place over the years, emphasizing that the project’s current status is significantly different from its inception.

The footage shared in the vlog is a snapshot of the current nightly build of the game, providing players a glimpse into the closed Alpha update slated to be released soon. The developers have been industriously working on the game materials, streamlining them to a select set of Masters for enhanced virtual texturing and additional weather effects.

Zombies Galore

The major highlight of the vlog is the formidable increase in zombie counts. The developers have now managed to create the game environment that includes thousands of zombies at once. During the video, a game session featuring 2751 zombies is shown, serving as a testament to the scale the team has achieved.

This expansion in the zombie horde is facilitated by the Pitbull AI system, a homegrown solution developed to elevate the zombie mechanics in the game. Pitbull encourages more dynamic and realistic zombie behaviors, including the formation and dismantling of zombie hordes based on different in-game factors. Though the system is still a work in progress, it has been successfully integrated into the game, leading to engaging gameplay experiences.

New Harvesting System

Another key development disclosed in the vlog is the introduction of a new harvesting system in Dead Matter. This addition enhances the interactive nature of the game by allowing players to engage with the environment in more ways. With this system, players can pick berries from bushes, chop down trees, and collect firewood, making the game more immersive and providing more resources for survival.

Image: QI Games

Continuing with their development journey, the team has also polished up the character’s hand material, upgraded the vehicle system, and laid the groundwork for a total first-person perspective in the game. Also featured in the vlog is a combat demo and a brief tour of Dead Matter’s vast map, offering players a look at what to expect in the future updates.

Finally, the developers are excited about the NPC system. This system, which was developed almost two years ago and has since been revamped, allows players to interact with multiple NPCs in the game world, even undertaking jobs for them that can have branching storylines.

With its sizable zombie hordes, the new harvesting system, and numerous other updates, Dead Matter is shaping up to be an ambitious and immersive zombie survival game that continues to evolve and improve.

Dead Matter can currently be added to your Wishlist on Steam.

Written by Shaun Savage

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