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Starfield’s Spaceships Give You Full Control With Power Allocation System

Image: Bethesda

Story Highlights

  • Starfield puts players in the driver’s seat of their own spaceship, allowing for a range of actions.
  • Ship combat relies on a power allocation system that depends on players’ piloting skills.
  • Players can indulge in personal encounters, trading, information exchange, and even piracy with other ships.

Commanding the Cockpit

In Starfield, players are given the opportunity to command their own spaceship, providing a high degree of freedom in their actions. This decision by the developers enhances the thrill of spaceflight, with players experiencing both the excitement and risks inherent to this venture. Complete control of the spaceship is extended to ship combat, transforming it into a sophisticated interaction of piloting skills and power allocation.

Image: Bethesda

Power Allocation System

The power allocation system in Starfield offers a complex layer to spaceship operation. The system enables players to divert power to different spaceship components such as engines, grav drives, weapons, and shields. This allocation can affect various aspects of the ship’s performance, from its speed to its combat readiness. Furthermore, the introduction of the Targeting Control System skill enables players to target specific subsystems of an enemy ship for more strategic combat.

Image: Bethesda

Post-combat, players can loot the remains of enemy vessels directly from their cockpit. There is also the option to board and take control of enemy ships, adding them to the player’s fleet for retrieval at any space port.

Image: Bethesda

Space Adventures

Away from the battles, Starfield offers a myriad of experiences. The game allows for exploration of massive star yards, interaction with various crews, and even the possibility of acquiring new ships. Players can engage with the galaxy’s elite on lavish cruise ships, or dock with monumental battleships like the U.C. Vigilance.

Moreover, the game enables personal encounters with other vessels. Players can trade, exchange information, or even commit acts of piracy. The game also fosters unique encounters with strangers looking for human connection amid the solitude of space. With Starfield’s expansive playground and numerous possibilities, players can chart their own path in a mostly untouched galaxy filled with over a thousand planets waiting to be discovered.

Source: Starfield Direct

Written by Shaun Savage

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