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Sifu’s Arenas Expansion Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Image: Sloclap

Story Highlights

  • Sifu’s Arenas Expansion is now available on Nintendo Switch, offering a wealth of new content and challenges.
  • The Arenas Mode presents 45 challenges across nine unseen locations, amounting to over 10 hours of additional gameplay.
  • Switch players now have access to 28 cheats, six new outfits, and various quality of life improvements.
Image: Sloclap

Sifu’s Arenas Expansion Now on Nintendo Switch

Starting today, Sifu’s Arenas Expansion is available on the Nintendo Switch, thanks to developer Sloclap. This update brings the Switch version of the game up to par with other platforms, providing the same experience for Sifu players worldwide.

Originally launched in March for consoles and PC, the Switch version now allows players to access the extensive content available in the Arenas Mode. This mode is not for the faint of heart, featuring 45 relentless challenges spread across nine locations not featured in Sifu’s main story mode. These challenges add over 10 extra hours of gameplay to the already challenging title. The mode offers five different gameplay styles, including survival and time attack, requiring players to make full use of their available tools to make their mark.

Enhanced Gaming Experience on Switch

Since its highly appreciated release in 2022, Sifu has found a home on the Nintendo Switch. Released last November, the game’s transition to the Switch allows players to take the Pak Mei Kung Fu action on the go. With the latest update, Switch players gain access to an impressive 28 cheats that can significantly alter their gameplay experience. Additionally, players can customize their character with six new outfits. Various quality of life improvements are also part of this update.

Image: Sloclap

Sifu’s story is one of violence and vengeance. Players assume the role of a young Pak Mei Kung Fu master who ventures through a fictional Chinese city, seeking revenge for their slain master. The journey is harsh, with only years of training and a magical pendant that staves off death, albeit at the cost of rapidly aging the user, to aid players. The question remains: is the revenge worth the price paid?

Sifu is currently available on Xbox consoles, PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation consoles, and now, the Nintendo Switch.

Written by Shaun Savage

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