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Major War Thunder Update Introduces French Fleet

Image: Gaijin Entertainment

Story Highlights

  • The latest War Thunder update, “La Royale,” begins closed testing for the French fleet.
  • Additional ground, air, and naval vehicles have been introduced, including the French SPG Au F1 and the American F-14B fighter jet.
  • War Thunder players can experience updated flight physics, new maps, and improved visual effects of missile flight.

French Fleet Arrives in War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment has launched a major update for the military online game, War Thunder, called “La Royale”. This update marks the commencement of closed testing for the French fleet, a force that has maintained its traditional nickname, “La Royale” (“royal”), even in modern times.

Despite being quite powerful at the onset of World War II, the French fleet endured a tragic fate. The defeat of France on land led to many of its ships being destroyed in ports by the British or scuttled by their own captains to prevent them from falling into German hands. In the “La Royale” update, players will find ships with diverse destinies – ranging from the cruiser Colbert, which was destroyed in Toulon by British artillery, to the destroyer La Malin, which joined the Free French Navy. To participate in the closed test of the French fleet and receive exclusive bonuses, players can purchase early access packages that include premium ships.

New Additions and Features in Update

Apart from the French fleet, the update also incorporates several new models of ground, air, and naval vehicles. For instance, the update introduces the French SPG Au F1, the first Indian tank in the game, the Vijayanta, and the American F-14B fighter jet.

Image: Gaijin Entertainment

The Vijayanta tank, an export variant of the British Vickers Mk.1, features an infrared spotlight, side shields, and HEATFS rounds for its accurate, rapid-fire Royal Ordnance L7A1 cannon. The French SPG Au F.1, built on the AMX-30 tank chassis, comes with a 155 mm caliber gun, an autoloader, and a mechanized ammo rack capable of holding 36 rounds. These powerful self-propelled guns are still in use by the military forces of France, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Image: Gaijin Entertainment

The F-14B, an upgraded version of the F-14A, boasts an increased arsenal of weapons and an improved rate of climb. In addition to advanced air-to-air missiles, the fighter now supports a sighting container as part of the LANTIRN system, Paveway II guided bombs, and a new type of weapon – bombs equipped with stopping parachutes for safe, low-altitude attacks.

Furthermore, War Thunder’s “La Royale” update brings enhanced flight physics and missile flight visual effects. It also introduces two new maps: “Iberian Fortress” for mixed ground and air combat set on the eastern coast of the Balearic Sea, and “Franz Josef Land,” a nautical map featuring new mechanics such as destructible coastal fortifications firing at player ships.

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