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Season Five of Age of Empires IV: The Summer Party Edition Introduces Map Monsters and More

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Story Highlights

  • Age of Empires IV launches Season Five with a festive twist, introducing Map Monsters in the Summer Party Edition.
  • New game mode, Empire Wars, propels players into swift action, promising a thrilling start to matches.
  • A host of unique options for every civilization, ensuring a more diverse and captivating gameplay experience.


Season Five of Age of Empires IV: Map Monsters: Summer Party Edition is poised to take the gaming experience to new heights. This update promises to immerse players in a summer party-themed adventure, featuring a variety of unique events, game modes, maps, and a slew of exciting new features.

The Summer Party Event

From June 15th through July 20th, the Summer Party Event will invite players to explore the land and seas, in pursuit of distinctive map-based creatures – the elusive Wild Man and the enigmatic Dragon Turtle. These creatures not only add an intriguing twist to the gameplay but also offer special bonuses to the first villager or fishing boat to approach them, significantly enhancing their gather rates.

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Players will also have the chance to unlock special challenge rewards, including event-exclusive profile portraits, Coat of Arms, and banners, adding an extra layer of engagement to the game.

New Game Mode: Empire Wars

Season Five introduces the Empire Wars game mode. Designed for a high-paced start to matches, Empire Wars allows players to begin the game with a bustling empire, complete with pre-built buildings and villagers already engaged in resource collection.

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Exciting New Features and Updates

Season Five offers a host of new content, starting with three fresh maps: Golden Heights, Migration, and Volcanic Island. The update also includes the kick-off of Ranked Season Five, presenting an updated map pool rotation and rewarding players with new prizes.

The update brings the much-awaited team voice chat feature, allowing in-match strategizing for better team coordination. The speech-to-text option aids in sending communications more conveniently.

Players can look forward to numerous visual enhancements and performance improvements, designed to provide a more immersive and smoother gaming experience. Furthermore, the update includes trading updates based on direct community feedback, unique options for each civilization, additional mod support, and a range of bug fixes and balance changes.

You can read the full details on everything that changed in the update via the official patch notes.

Written by Shaun Savage

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