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RPG Deckbuilder Cross Blitz Unveils Gameplay and First Demo Teaser

Image: Tako Boy Studios

Story Highlights

  • Cross Blitz, an inventive deck builder from Tako Boy Studios and The Arcade Crew, has unveiled a wealth of gameplay footage and details, featuring an exciting blend of card-drawing combat and adventure.
  • The debut demo, releasing next week as part of Steam Next Fest, introduces Redcroft, the animated pirate character, on a quest to reclaim a lost relic.
  • The full version of the game includes deep deckbuilding strategy with over 200 cards, a thrilling adventure lasting more than 30+ hours, an endlessly replayable challenge in the form of Tusk Tales’ roguelite-style venture, and a vibrant, expansive world brimming with secrets.
Image: Tako Boy Studios

Immersive Gameplay and First Look at Cross Blitz’s Demo

Today marks a significant day for fans of RPG deck builders as Cross Blitz, developed by Tako Boy Studios and published by The Arcade Crew, releases a trove of gameplay details and footage. The game uniquely blends thrilling adventure and strategic card-drawing combat, taking the genre to new heights.

Leading the charge in the overview footage is Redcroft, the vibrant and powerful pirate at the center of one of the game’s exciting journeys. The gameplay-focused trailer shared today allows players to get a taste of the trials and tribulations that lie ahead in Cross Blitz’s several epic quests.

Moreover, the newly released playable demo introduces players to Redcroft’s quest to recover a lost relic. He, along with his pirate crew, must overcome any challenges or opponents that dare to block their path. By constructing card decks that cater to particular playstyles, players can develop unbeatable strategies. These plans will guide Redcroft through encounters with peculiar allies, quirky shopkeepers, and formidable foes in a world bursting with memorable secrets.

Image: Tako Boy Studios

Players can download the comprehensive debut demo of Cross Blitz next week as part of Steam Next Fest and assist Redcroft in gearing up for a climactic showdown with Grubb, a cunning info broker waiting for the pirate’s arrival. The game can be found at its Steam page here.

A Glimpse Into The Full Version of Cross Blitz

The full version of Cross Blitz offers an immersive gaming experience that extends far beyond the demo. Players will find a depth of deckbuilding strategy, allowing them to construct potent decks from a selection of over 200 cards, tailoring strategies to fit their unique combat styles.

Additionally, the game offers a thrilling adventure that takes players through more than 30+ hours of rewarding questing, spanning the journeys, trials, and discoveries of a quirky, vibrant cast. This adventure presents an endlessly replayable challenge in the form of Tusk Tales’ roguelite-style adventure. This game mode includes a randomized map teeming with unique battles and choices. As they journey through the map, players can pick up gameplay-altering trinkets and unlock new tools for their future runs.

Image: Tako Boy Studios

Cross Blitz’s world, known as Crossdawn Isle, is an enticing one, brimming with colorful characters, unique locales, and delightful secrets. Players will find as much joy in exploring this vibrant world as they do in the strategic battles that the game offers.

By giving players a fresh, adventurous twist on deckbuilding gameplay, and offering a sneak peek through an engaging demo, Cross Blitz stands poised to carve a unique space for itself in the RPG deck builder genre. Awaiting players is a captivating world of strategic battles, unforgettable characters, hidden treasures, and an adventure led by the lively pirate Redcroft. The only question remains: Are you ready to embark on this strategic, card-battling journey?

Cross Blitz is available to be added to your wishlist on Steam now.

Written by Shaun Savage

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