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Puzzle Platformer ‘Ugly’ Announced for Switch, PC; Steam Next Fest Demo Soon

Image: Graffiti Games

Story Highlights

  • The puzzle platformer Ugly, from Graffiti Games and Team Ugly, is set for release on both the Nintendo Switch and PC.
  • A demo of Ugly will be playable during the Steam Next Fest, beginning Monday, June 19.
  • Ugly employs an innovative mirror mechanic, which allows players to create a shadow reflection to overcome puzzles and bosses.

Introduction to Ugly

Graffiti Games, in collaboration with developer Team Ugly, has unveiled that the single-player puzzle platformer Ugly will make its way to Nintendo Switch. The game was previously announced for the PC platform and will have a simultaneous launch on both platforms later this year. In anticipation of the launch, a new trailer for Ugly is now available.

Demo Coming Soon

In addition to the trailer, players will have an opportunity to play Ugly’s first-ever demo on PC during the upcoming Steam Next Fest, commencing on Monday, June 19.

Gameplay and Mechanics

In Ugly, an intriguing mirror mechanic forms the core of the gameplay. This mechanic permits players to fabricate a shadowy reflection of themselves. This shadowy avatar can then be used to swap places with the player to unravel challenging puzzles, confront towering bosses, and navigate a sinister world where things aren’t always as they seem.

Image: Graffiti Games

As players traverse the game, they will unravel the haunting secrets of a disturbed nobleman’s mind, confronting past traumas and piecing together a heart-rending narrative. Survival in this treacherous journey of self-reflection will demand both strategic thinking and skill. However, the game cautions players that the truth they seek may be distressing.

Key Features

Key features of Ugly include overcoming colossal bosses and complex puzzle rooms using the unique mirror mechanic, which combines skill and strategy. The game offers a wide array of puzzles that can be solved in multiple ways, offering a distinctive experience for each player.

Image: Graffiti Games

Each puzzle room presents a new challenge and reveals a fragment of the narrative. Players can unravel the entire story by solving all the puzzles, and an alternate ending can be unlocked by discovering the concealed puzzle rooms. The game world is filled with secrets, from clandestine rooms to clues about the protagonist’s tragic history.

Ugly, with its striking art style, meticulous animations, and abundant interactive elements, recreates a chilling fairy tale. Players can now wishlist Ugly on Steam.

Written by Shaun Savage

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