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New Lords of the Fallen ‘Dual Worlds’ Trailer Reveals the Umbral, World of the Dead

Image: CI Games

Story Highlights

  • ‘Lords of the Fallen’ is set for release this October on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S as a dark fantasy action-RPG reboot of the original 2014 franchise.
  • The game features two interconnected realms, the world of the living, Axiom, and the world of the dead, Umbral, each with unique pathways, characters, and treasures.
  • Using the ‘Umbral Lamp,’ players can navigate between the two realms, use high damage attacks, and manipulate the Umbral environment, while battling against the spectral terrors of the world of the dead.

The Return of Lords of the Fallen

HEXWORKS has showcased new gameplay footage for ‘Lords of the Fallen,’ the full reboot of the 2014 action-RPG franchise. This spiritual successor takes place a millennium later within an extensive, interconnected world and is slated for release this October on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

In this action-packed, dark fantasy role-playing game, players will face massive boss battles, engage in fast-paced, challenging combat, and become engrossed in deep, immersive storytelling. The adventure spans two parallel realms: the world of the living, Axiom, and the world of the dead, Umbral. Both realms host distinct pathways, characters, enemies, and treasures for players to explore.

A Tale of Two Worlds: Axiom and Umbral

While Axiom provides its own set of trials, its shadowy counterpart, Umbral, is home to untold terrors. Thanks to a special item called the ‘Umbral Lamp,’ players can step into this dark realm in one of two ways. They can either be defeated by the foes of Axiom and resurrect in Umbral or willingly perform the ‘Umbral Rift,’ sacrificing one of their two lives to transition realms.

The Umbral Lamp also grants additional powers, including the ability to extract an enemy’s soul for high-damage attacks or manipulate the environment within the world of Umbral. However, the longer the player remains in this ghost-infested plane, the more spectral horrors will pursue them.

Image: CI Games

Meet the Monstrosities of Umbral

Despite the fearsome threats of Umbral, these supernatural horrors seem less intimidating compared to the game’s savage boss battles. Players will face a range of formidable adversaries, such as the giant creature looming over Calrath’s eternally burning city. This towering monstrosity is hostile to adventurers, its demonic presence eager to consume any intruders.

Players will also confront Tancred, the Master of Castigations, a devout Chaplain of the Hallowed Sentinels, known for his brutal torturous practices. Hidden beneath his pious exterior is a disturbing truth buried within his flesh. Similarly, they’ll cross paths with Harrower, Dervla, who renounced her previous life after encountering an unimaginably horrifying reality deep within this world.

With the game’s launch date set for Friday, October 13, players can already pre-order ‘Lords of the Fallen: A Dark Fantasy Action-RPG Reboot’ now.

Written by Shaun Savage

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