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Everdream Valley, a Farming Adventure, Set to Release for Nintendo Switch on June 23

Image: Untold Tales

Story Highlights

  • Everdream Valley, a farming adventure game developed by Mooneaters and published by Untold Tales, is slated for a Nintendo Switch release on June 23.
  • The game initially launched for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam on May 30.
  • Everdream Valley combines elements of farming, animal care, and exploration with a layer of magical aspects that provide unique in-game mini-games and rewards.

Welcome to Everdream Valley

In Everdream Valley, players find themselves spending their summer on their grandparents’ idyllic farm in a game world where the essence of childhood innocence reigns supreme, and tasks such as work, responsibilities, or relationships are not a concern.

As a game that beautifully merges farming, exploration, and a touch of magic, Everdream Valley allows players to rejuvenate a small farmstead that craves attention. From nurturing a variety of crops and fruits to caring for an expansive collection of animals, players are tasked with ensuring the happiness of the farm’s inhabitants, safeguarding crops, and collecting resources for farm expansion and repair.

Exploration and Adventure in Everdream Valley

In the tranquility of Everdream Valley, players find a paradise for animals, housing creatures such as pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, goats, alpacas, horses, sheep, bees, wild boars, magpies, beavers, bisons, geese, deer, frogs, beetles, butterflies, dragonflies, wolves, mice, snails, slugs, and fish. Each animal uniquely influences the farm’s environment.

Players’ exploration of the open world leads them to unravel the source of the magical dreams they encounter at night. The adventures aren’t solely confined to daytime farm activities. Nighttime uncovers the valley’s magic, allowing players to embody various farm animals through special mini-games, each providing a unique reward or influence on the farm’s progression the next day.

Besides, players can choose from 13 different dog breeds as their trusty sidekick, training them to assist with herding, tracking, and treasure finding. Even a feline companion makes an appearance, which may lend a paw in return for the player’s affection.

Leisure Activities in Everdream Valley

Everdream Valley is not merely a farming simulator. Beyond the farm chores, the game encourages various recreational activities. Players can engage in camping, building treehouses, bug collecting, fishing, cooking, photography, furniture crafting, and treasure hunting. Each adventure offers something in return, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the player’s farm.

Having initially launched on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam on May 30, Everdream Valley is now making its way to the Nintendo Switch platform. The release is scheduled for June 23, enabling more players to experience the magical farming adventures that Everdream Valley offers. The game can be wishlisted via the Nintendo Store.

Written by Shaun Savage

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