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New Demo and Trailer Available for Prison Escape RPG, Back to the Dawn

Image: Back to the Dawn

Story Highlights

  • Spiral Up Games and Metal Head Games are launching a playable demo of Back to the Dawn at Steam Next Fest today, available until July 10th.
  • Back to the Dawn, slated for release in the second half of 2023, is a prison survival and escape RPG centered around a wrongfully convicted journalist involved in a sinister plot.
  • The game draws inspiration from prison-themed shows like Prison Break and Prison on Fire, providing players with a highly detailed prison environment, character interactions, flexible gameplay, dynamic alliances, intricate puzzles, and multiple endings.

Metal Head Games, in collaboration with distributor Spiral Up Games, has revealed their latest game, Back to the Dawn, at the Steam Next Fest. As of today, gamers can play a demo of this intense prison survival and escape RPG until July 10th. The game, set to launch in the second half of 2023, positions players as a falsely convicted journalist enmeshed in a dark conspiracy.

Game Inspiration and Features

The game draws inspiration from classic prison-themed TV shows, such as Prison Break, and films like Chow Yun-Fatt’s Prison on Fire. Back to the Dawn presents players with an intense and unpredictable maximum-security prison experience. Players are thrust into a world of ceaseless surveillance, fickle alliances, and fierce rivalries. They’ll interact with a varied cast of fellow inmates, deciding whether to befriend or manipulate them in their pursuit of freedom.

The expansive and detailed prison environment offers countless opportunities for exploration and strategy. Players must either comply with the rules or cleverly dodge trouble as they traverse this antagonistic world. Aldric Chang, CEO of Spiral Up Games, expresses his enthusiasm for the upcoming release, stating that the engaging gameplay and storytelling create an unforgettable adventure for players.

Image: Back to the Dawn

Exploring the Game Environment

Back to the Dawn provides a rich set of game features. Engaging character interactions with a host of fellow inmates, each possessing unique backstories, create opportunities for players to forge alliances or foster enemies. Depending on the player’s choice, they can join a gang or cunningly outsmart everyone as a lone wolf.

Furthermore, the game offers flexible gameplay options. Players can opt for different playstyles and skills, from being a brawler or thief to a smooth talker. They can learn trades, craft tools, and climb the prison hierarchy as they aim to rule the roost.

Image: Back to the Dawn

Dynamic gang alliances form a critical aspect of the game. Players can join various gangs, each having their own motivations and agendas. The choice of alliance will determine allies or enemies, leading to new opportunities or dangers.

Strategic Gameplay and Multiple Endings

An intricate jailbreak puzzle is at the heart of the game. Players will have to use their creativity and resourcefulness, employing the secrets of various prison locations, such as the laundry room and sewers, in their elaborate escape plan.

The experience of Back to the Dawn is unique and replayable. Every decision made and action taken can alter the game’s course, ensuring that no two playthroughs are identical. The game embraces a multitude of endings, offering players a wide range of outcomes, from meeting their end in prison to being exonerated or other intriguing possibilities.

Written by Shaun Savage

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