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Let’s School, a Low-Poly School Management PC Game, Set to Launch on July 27

Story Highlights

  • Let’s School, a low-poly school management game, is launching for PC via Steam on July 27, according to Pathea Games.
  • A new demo titled Let’s School Homeroom launches as part of Steam Next Fest, allowing players to carry over their save data to the full game.
  • Players step into the role of a principal tasked with renovating a dilapidated school, with diverse customization options available to shape campus life.

Pathea Games has announced the release date of their low-poly school management game, Let’s School, for PC via Steam. The game is set to launch on July 27.

Demo Launch and Game Features

Ahead of the full release, a new demo named Let’s School Homeroom is being introduced as part of Steam Next Fest. This feature enables players to experience the game before its official release and carry over their save data once the full game becomes available.

In Let’s School, players assume the role of a school principal returning to their former school. The objective is to restore a run-down school building, hidden beneath tall grass, to its former glory, bustling with students.

Customization and Gameplay

As a principal in Let’s School, players have the freedom to shape their campus, start clubs, and design the school life of their dreams. The developers at Pathea Games, who were also responsible for My Time at Portia and the upcoming sequel My Time at Sandrock, have included extensive customization options in Let’s School.

Whether you want to mimic the uniforms of a favorite anime or encourage students to join particular extracurricular activities, Let’s School offers these possibilities. The direction of the school’s development is entirely in the hands of the players. They can choose to make it an elite academy with strict standards or a more relaxed, comprehensive school.

For principals keen on maintaining an excellent learning environment, they can organize diverse courses and use specific measures to regulate students’ behavior. An example of such measures is sending teachers to find students who are skipping classes in the town nearby.

The Potential for School Expansion

As the game unfolds, players can develop the school further by building dormitories, cafeterias, sports fields, and memory-filled snack shops for students. They can even construct “wonders” within the campus. In Let’s School, players can employ their creative imaginations to develop the most unique campus landscape in this lively and engaging indie game.

Written by Shaun Savage

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