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New Counter-Strike 2 Update Makes Menu Color Match cl_hud_color

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Story Highlights

  • In the latest update, the Counter-Strike 2 buy menu color will sync with the cl_hud_color setting.
  • A variety of map, loadout, and miscellaneous issues have been addressed, leading to enhanced gameplay.
  • Additional adjustments in the update include the capability to quickly redeploy flashbangs and a reduction in the single-frame flash effect when using sniper rifles.

Aligning Menu Color with cl_hud_color

One of the prominent features in this update is the adjustment in the buy menu’s color. Now, it will align with the cl_hud_color setting, adding visual coherence within the game’s user interface. This change is accompanied by the resolution of certain edge case issues with the sell-back option in the buy menu.

Loadout and Map Fixes

The update also tackles several problems within the loadout section. From edge case issues related to inspecting items to a glitch in the loadout tab refresh function, the update aims at streamlining the gaming process. Additionally, an undesirable interaction between the acknowledge panel and inventory has been rectified, along with localization bugs and various crashes.

Furthermore, specific fixes have been implemented for the Mirage map. This includes resolving a location near the bench that previously caused server lag and fixing unconventional wallbangs. The end of the match screen has also been fine-tuned for a better post-match experience.

Gameplay Enhancements

The update is not merely restricted to interface and menu changes; several gameplay improvements have been incorporated. For instance, a movement bug causing players to slide along curbs in Dust II has been fixed.

Another notable update pertains to flashbang usage. Players will now be able to redeploy flashbangs quickly after throwing them, enabling swift multiple throws in a sequence. In addition, the abrupt single-frame flash effect when a player zooms out with sniper rifles has been significantly reduced, thus mitigating any abrupt disruption to the gaming visuals.

Source: Counter-Strike Blog

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