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Laika: Aged Through Blood – Brainwash Gang’s Unique Post-Apocalyptic Motorvania Game

Image: Thunderful Games

Story Highlights

  • Brainwash Gang, an independent developer under Thunderful, has unveiled their post-apocalyptic motorvania game, Laika: Aged Through Blood.
  • The game, which showcased its unique motorbike-centric gameplay and combat in a newly released trailer, boasts hand-drawn visuals and a post-apocalyptic setting.
  • Laika: Aged Through Blood will be available on multiple platforms: PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Independent developer Brainwash Gang has recently showcased its motorvania game, Laika: Aged Through Blood, during the Future Game Show. The game, set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, combines motorbike-based movement and combat mechanics in a visually striking environment.

Image: Thunderful Games

The unique motorvania game allows players to drive, jump, grapple, and fight their way through a hand-drawn world on a motorbike. Amidst the stark beauty of the wasteland, players perform daring stunts, battle enemies in slow motion, and reload weapons mid-backflip. The game also features additional skill-based power-ups to provide varied challenges for players as they face formidable opponents.

Image: Thunderful Games

The game’s setting is a paradoxically beautiful post-apocalyptic wasteland, teeming with anthropomorphic creatures. This western-inspired action-adventure shares a story of a tribe living under the oppression of brutal forces. Players will take on the role of Laika, a mother coyote rider, who sets out on a relentless quest for vengeance in an attempt to reclaim her tribe’s lost possessions.

Artist at Brainwash Gang, Ivan Papiol, spoke about their latest reveal at the Future Game Show, “Our motorised take on the metroidvania formula makes it unlike any other game out there. Combined with our art style, story, and characters, we hope players will find an affinity with Laika.”

Motorvania – A New Twist to Gaming

Laika: Aged Through Blood marks the entry of the unique “motorvania” genre to the gaming landscape, with its blend of motorcycle-centric navigation and metroidvania-style combat mechanics. The beautifully drawn game environment and the western-themed narrative add depth to the gaming experience. As the release date approaches, it will be interesting to see the gaming community’s response to this motorvania’s distinctive style.

Written by Shaun Savage

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