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Dinosaur Ranch Simulation ‘Paleo Pines’ Scheduled for Release on September 26

Image: Italic Pig

The dinosaur ranch simulation game, Paleo Pines, has its release date locked in for September 26, as announced by publisher Modus Games and developer Italic Pig. The game will be accessible to players on various platforms, including PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

The premise of Paleo Pines is set on a uniquely eccentric island, teeming with friendly dinosaurs and affable townsfolk. Newcomers to Paleo Pines inherit an old ranch requiring renovation and the player’s personal touch. It’s not only about reconstructing an old farm but also about nurturing and forming connections with the wild dinosaurs inhabiting the region. Alongside the locals of Pebble Plaza and Lucky, the dependable Parasaurolophus, players will embark on a journey to unearth the obscured history of Paleo Pines.

Beyond a typical farming simulator, Paleo Pines lets players engage with dinosaurs while enlisting their help to refurbish the ranch and cultivate crops. This allows the creation of a snug sanctuary that exudes the warm charm of a farming sim. With extensive options for character customization and a diverse range of styles, every player can transform their allotted land into the dinosaur ranch they’ve always envisioned.

Image: Italic Pig

The crux of gameplay in Paleo Pines lies in forging bonds with dinosaur companions. Players can lure these prehistoric creatures to their haven with delectable treats, comforting habitats, and affectionate nose boops. A detailed dinosaur journal will help players keep tabs on their dinosaur companions’ preferences and dislikes.

Aside from nurturing relationships with these extraordinary creatures, the game offers a wealth of locations for exploration. From blooming fields to towering canyons, players can spend their days traversing the captivating landscapes and observing different dinosaur species in the lush wilderness that is Paleo Pines.

Written by Shaun Savage

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