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Galacticare Set to Launch a Demo for Steam Next Fest: An Intergalactic Healthcare Game

Image: Brightrock Games

Story Highlights

  • Galacticare, a unique interstellar hospital management game, is preparing a demo for the upcoming Steam Next Fest.
  • The game features a unique hospital design and management system and allows for character development through a comprehensive campaign or sandbox mode.
  • Players can provide healthcare to a broad range of species with specific needs and desires, contributing to immersive gameplay.


Galacticare, an interstellar hospital management game, is planning to unveil its upcoming demo at the Steam Next Fest. This game distinguishes itself by providing healthcare solutions rather than causing injuries and illnesses, which may be prevalent in comparable titles.

Gameplay and Features

In Galacticare, players can design, furnish, and upgrade their hospitals to manage a deluge of patients with a variety of diseases. Hiring doctors from diverse backgrounds and with unique traits enhances the game’s dynamics, allowing players to balance their resources to run a highly efficient hospital.

Managing the needs of individuals, such as nutrition, space, art preferences, and many others, is a crucial aspect of the game. Players can also construct and enhance experimental treatment facilities to accommodate the challenges of managing a healthcare facility in outer space.

Image: Brightrock Games

The game offers two playing modes – campaign and sandbox – providing players with flexibility in their gameplay approach. The sandbox mode, in particular, offers players the opportunity to design their hospital with aesthetics and efficiency in mind, without the time constraints of the campaign mode.

Characters and Challenges

The game introduces a host of unique characters, including a DJ, a big-veg farmer, and a fungus-infected monk, who are, intriguingly, also expert surgeons. Players can explore these characters’ mechanics, personalities, and levelling choices throughout the campaign. The game encourages players to mix and match these characters to optimize the hospital’s operations and overcome unique challenges.

Inter-species Healthcare

Galacticare also offers a wide array of patients from different species with unique needs and desires. From biomechanical lemurs to starship-sized spacefarers, to entire planets, players will encounter a variety of patients. They can develop their relationships with each species, learning to provide healthcare to a range of scenarios, such as music festivals, deep-space prisons, communal space farms, and industrial disasters.

Image: Brightrock Games

Efficiency and Rewards

Players are encouraged to maximize their efficiency by upgrading rooms, analysing the thoughts of all aboard their station, and acquiring unique equipment from a wandering trader. By employing a range of tools and equipment, including holographic doctors, short-range teleporters, and subspace portals, players can improve their Hospital Rating – the key performance indicator in the game.

Galacticare is set to take players on an extraordinary journey – from orbiting 23rd-century Earth to exploring the world of an extra-dimensional deity. It is a game where saving the galaxy occurs one patient at a time.

You can wishlist Galacticare on Steam to get the latest news on when the demo will be released.

Written by Shaun Savage

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