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Free-to-Play Temtem: Showdown Now Available for PC Users

Image: Crema

Story Highlights

  • Temtem: Showdown, a free-to-play and microtransaction-free version of Temtem, is now available for PC via Steam.
  • This version serves as a multiplayer battle simulator, allowing players to dive directly into competitive action without the need for leveling or taming.
  • Key features include easy team creation, ranked matches against players of all skill levels, participation in community-run tournaments, and the signature Temtem two-versus-two battle system.

Crema, the development team behind the creature collection turn-based RPG game, Temtem, has recently launched a free-to-play version of the game. This variant, dubbed “Temtem: Showdown”, is a multiplayer battle simulator that lets players engage in the competitive action right away. Unlike the standard game, it requires no taming or leveling, focusing solely on the thrilling battles that characterize the game. The release is now available for PC users via Steam.

“Temtem: Showdown” offers players the chance to build their teams in a matter of minutes and dive into the world of Temtem battles with players globally. This streamlined experience gives everyone a taste of the vibrant creature-collection adventure that lies at the heart of Temtem, but with the focus purely on battle strategy and execution.

Dive Deeper into the Game’s Features

At its core, “Temtem: Showdown” is about accessibility, speed, and engagement. Creating a team takes just a few minutes, and there is no requirement for a previous copy of Temtem. Players can construct their teams from scratch, choosing every detail to suit their strategies.

The competitive element extends to ranked matches, offering players the opportunity to face off against opponents of varying skill levels, climb the ladder, and improve their abilities. Furthermore, the community-run tournaments and the TemCS—the official Temtem esports circuit with substantial prizes—are open to all.

Image: Crema

For those who want a less formal approach, there’s the option to engage in casual friendly matches against friends. These provide an excellent platform to test teams, try out new strategies, and earn some bragging rights.

One of the standout features of “Temtem: Showdown” is the two-versus-two battle system, well-known to fans of the original Temtem game. This system showcases action-packed presentation and highly strategic battles without any RNG factor. Additionally, regular balance patches and new Seasons promise a diverse and constantly evolving meta, providing fresh challenges and combinations for players to explore.

Written by Shaun Savage

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