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Atomic Heart’s New DLC, ‘Annihilation Instinct’, Set for August 2 Release

Image: Atomic Heart

Story Highlights

  • The upcoming Atomic Heart DLC “Annihilation Instinct” is due for release on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series/One, and PC on August 2.
  • “Annihilation Instinct” promises a continuation of the main game’s storyline, with new environments, characters, and abilities to explore and utilize.
  • The latest update also includes a free New Game+ mode, presenting an elevated challenge for players with new specific resistances and attack effects for enemies.

New Chapter in Atomic Heart’s Journey

Publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Mundfish have announced that the new downloadable content for Atomic Heart, titled “Annihilation Instinct”, is set to release on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series/One, and PC on August 2.

The “Annihilation Instinct” DLC aims to extend the dystopian narrative of Atomic Heart, offering players the chance to explore the aftermath of the game’s climax. Players will traverse the Mendeleev Complex and its encompassing swamps as Major P-3, uncovering the truth about NORA and contending with the AI’s destructive drive.

Along the journey, players will encounter new, shape-shifting foes and will have the opportunity to utilize two new weapons—the Secateur for ranged attacks and the Klusha for melee—as well as a new Techno-Stasis ability for their glove, granting the power to manipulate time.

Image: Atomic Heart

Level Up the Challenge with New Game+ Mode

As part of the latest update, Atomic Heart also introduces a New Game+ mode, now available for free. In this heightened difficulty setting, players will need to use all their acquired skills and weaponry to face off against Atomic Heart’s most formidable adversaries yet. The enemies in this mode come equipped with new specific resistances and attack effects, signified by the different colors of their auras, offering an engaging test of skill for seasoned players.

Atomic Heart is currently available on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series/One, and PC via Steam, as well as Xbox Game Pass.

Written by Shaun Savage

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