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BrownDust2 Server Improvements & Increased Rewards Coming Soon

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Story Highlights

  • BrownDust2 focuses on server normalization and bug fixes to ensure a stable gameplay environment, following issues at the game’s launch.
  • Enhancements to the Draw Points and Powder of Hope Shop aim to provide a more rewarding experience, including the addition of a ‘★5 Costume’ item to the shop.
  • Expansion of Diamond acquisition locations and improvements in the exclusive equipment option change system promise more substantial rewards and customization options for players.

BrownDust2 Marches towards Improvements

In a recent announcement, Jun-hee Lee, the Producer of BrownDust2, unveiled the game’s upcoming improvement plans. Lee began by expressing his regret for the instability experienced by players at the game’s launch. “We sincerely apologize for not being able to provide a stable gameplay environment at the beginning of the launch,” he said.

Despite the initial hiccup, the BrownDust2 team has been proactive in rectifying the situation. On June 23, the game underwent temporary maintenance to expand the server and enhance its structure, improving its readiness for high traffic volumes. Lee reassured players that all relevant departments are actively monitoring the server environment, with bug fixes and optimizations being a continuous endeavor.

Enhancing the Rewards System

The Producer then shifted the focus to improvements in the game’s rewards system. For Draw Points and the Powder of Hope Shop, a major update is expected on July 6. This update will add a ‘★5 Costume’ item to the Powder of Hope Shop, providing players with an additional means to utilize their unused Draw Points.

“In the future, you can purchase a ‘★5 Costume’ at the Powder of Hope shop,” said Lee. The offered ★5 Costume in the shop may vary depending on the season, with each costume available for purchase once during its sales period. A real-time draw point to Powder of Hope exchange system will also be introduced.

Moreover, to enhance the rewarding experience, players will soon find more opportunities to earn diamonds, one of the game’s in-game currencies. Changes to daily and weekly mission rewards, set to take effect from July 6, will allow players to earn diamonds instead of previous rewards. The update will also see an increase in opportunities for players to draw more costumes through various events.

The future updates, however, do not stop here. BrownDust2 will add the ability for players to change their gear’s main option and the three options granted during enhancement to other options, to be implemented in the August update. This change seeks to address player frustrations over receiving unwanted gear due to random option results. Compensation is planned for those who have used exclusive gear pick-ups from the game’s launch.

Other Upcoming Changes

Beyond server stability and reward enhancements, BrownDust2 is also preparing to introduce various gameplay and user interface improvements. These changes range from adding the ability to exit during battles to optimizing the voiceover experience and improving the button UI position for better gameplay.

Future improvements, anticipated after August, include various convenience improvements for a more pleasant gameplay environment, such as background repeat battles, auto-growth, and field formation saving.

The team also plans to add skill cut scenes for characters currently without them and improve spine animations, aiming for continuous updates and quality improvements. “We will continue to develop BrownDust2 in a better direction by gathering various opinions sent from all over the world,” said Lee.

Wrapping up his statement, Jun-hee Lee thanked all the users who have been enjoying BrownDust2 since its grand launch. He reaffirmed the team’s dedication towards providing enjoyable content and continually improving the game.

Written by Shaun Savage

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