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Cookie Run: OvenBreak Season 8 Brings New Electric Eel Cookie & More

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Story Highlights

  • Cookie Run: OvenBreak Season 8 introduces a new cookie, the Electric Eel Cookie, alongside its pet, the Bolt Eel.
  • The season hosts The Living Deep Sea City event and various Infinite Events, offering plentiful rewards to the players.
  • Significant game mechanics modifications have been made, including map rotation in Breakout, and various balance changes and bug fixes.

The latest installment of Cookie Run: OvenBreak, Season 8, brings the Electric Eel Cookie, a new character that collects and harnesses electric energies. Accompanying the cookie is the Bolt Eel, a pet that fires electric energies and destroys obstacles in its path.

As part of Season 8’s introduction, a new event titled The Living Deep Sea City has been launched. This event mode allows players to journey through the dynamic deep-sea city of Wandercrab, where they can earn Deep Sea Tokens and exchange them for various rewards. It’s important to note that the event will be split into two parts, each with its respective duration. Tokens from the first part of the event will not be usable in the second part, so players should utilize them while they can.

In celebration of the new season, players can partake in Season 8 Infinite Events and open Infinite Chests. These chests can contain a range of items, including Cookies, Pets, Treasures, Cookie Costumes, Jelly Shapes, Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, and more.

Breakout: New Mechanic Changes and Episodes

The main episode map Yogurca: Secrets of Mirage Village has been swapped out with the Deep Sea City Wandercrab map. To claim final rewards, players now need to run with all runners. If players cannot run with every runner before the reset, their run will carry over to the following week, but runs that continue over resets are only limited to Rainbow V rank and will not be visible on the leaderboards.

Special Episodes in Breakout have had unique rules added. Certain runners will have special effects applied during their run, with specific rules changing for each new Special Episode.

The season also introduces a Special Cookie Costume Draw featuring Electric Eel Cookie’s Noctilucent Vigilante Leader and Mocha Ray Cookie’s Sugartearan Sacred Guardian. Additionally, players can take part in the Special Jelly Shape Draw with the Zap-n-Zoom Jelly Set.

Adjustments and Enhancements

In addition to the new features, CookieRun: OvenBreak has also made several balance changes and bug fixes to existing characters, pets, and treasures. These updates range from alterations in movement speed, skill activations, point enhancements to fixing issues regarding collision detection and item generation.

Certain lands in the Trophy Race have been removed due to merges, and changes have been made to maps in the Trophy Race: Land’s End. The update also brings new ad rewards in the Main Lobby, with a fun task for players to help Kiwi Cookie fill up on gas for rewards such as Crystals and Rainbow Cubes.

On a cosmetic front, players can now view all their Cookie & Pet Costumes, Jelly Shapes, and Lobby Designs in the newly introduced Wardrobe. Also, the Costume Draw menu has been relocated to the main lobby’s bottom.

Finally, adjustments have been made to Escape Levels, with new rewards for Levels 331 through 340 and bonus points for Level 270. Players who have already reached Level 270 will receive this bonus retroactively.

Source: Season 8 Patch Notes

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