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Atomic Heart Introduces New Game+ Mode in Latest Patch

Image: Atomic Heart

Story Highlights

  • Atomic Heart’s Patch has been launched and is now available for PC and console players.
  • The patch introduces the New Game+ Mode, where enemies acquire new abilities and color auras that represent different capabilities.
  • In addition to the new game mode, the update also enhances game stability, improving the overall gameplay experience.

Mundfish, the developer of Atomic Heart, has released Patch, making it available for gamers on both PC and consoles. The most significant feature introduced in this update is the New Game+ Mode, which presents players with a more challenging gaming experience.

New Game+ Mode: A Closer Look

In the New Game+ Mode, Atomic Heart’s enemies gain new abilities, such as being immune to certain player attacks or possessing new attack effects. Each enemy type in this game mode also acquires a unique color aura. This aura serves as an indicator of the enemy’s newfound ability, offering a dynamic twist to gameplay.

For instance, the purple aura indicates the ‘Master of the Elements’ ability, providing immunity to glove abilities and cartridge guns. This ability affects the VOV-A6 Lab Tech, Mutant, and ARU-31/6 Rotorobot enemy types. On the other hand, enemies showcasing a red aura possess the ‘Daredevil’ ability, which accelerates their attacks and movements. This effect influences the VOV-A6 Lab Tech, ARU-31/6 Rotorobot, MFU-68 Laborer, and RAF-9 Engineer (Rafik) enemy types.

The yellow aura signifies the ‘Body armor’ ability, providing immunity to firearms, affecting the LUC-1 Owl, GMC-69 Vatrushka, DOC, and MFU-68/CP Duck enemy types. The green aura indicates the ‘Athlete’ ability, where all enemy attacks can knock players to the ground, influencing the VOV-A6 Lab Tech, Mutant, MFU-68 Laborer, and RAF-9 Engineer (Rafik) enemy types.

The ‘Kamikaze’ ability, symbolized by an orange aura, enables enemies to explode upon nearing players, affecting the VOV-A6 Lab Tech, Mutant, ARU-31/6 Rotorobot, and MFU-68 Laborer enemy types. A turquoise aura represents the ‘Lightning rod’ ability, where enemy attacks can drain players’ energy, affecting the VOV-A6 Lab Tech, Mutant, MFU-68 Laborer, and RAF-9 Engineer (Rafik) enemy types. Lastly, the blue aura stands for the ‘Translocator’ ability, which allows enemies to cover a large distance abruptly when approaching players, influencing the VOV-A6 Lab Tech, Mutant, and MFU-68 Laborer enemy types.

Source: Steam Blog

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