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Atari Reveals Haunted House, a Roguelite Reimagining for PS4/5, Xbox Series/One, Nintendo Switch, & PC

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Story Highlights

  • Atari has announced Haunted House, a roguelite reimagining of the 1982 classic game, set to launch on multiple platforms in 2023.
  • The game integrates roguelite elements with stealth-based gameplay and boss battles, providing a modern spin on the original survival horror adventure.
  • Haunted House features procedurally generated room layouts, dynamic enemy placements, and a range of unlockable characters, promising unique gameplay with every run.

Atari has announced a contemporary adaptation of the 1982-released classic, Haunted House. This updated version is designed as a roguelite horror / stealth game and is scheduled for release in 2023. The game will be available on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series/One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Atari VCS.

The new Haunted House gives a respectful nod to the original game by seamlessly integrating dynamic roguelite elements into its survival horror adventure narrative. The game includes stealth-based gameplay and challenging boss battles, providing a fresh experience for players.

Haunted House: A Closer Look

In Haunted House, players step into the shoes of Lyn Graves, the adventurous niece of famed treasure hunter Zachary Graves. A visit to her uncle’s mansion leads Lyn and her friends into a frightful scenario of ghouls and monsters. With her friends and uncle held captive, Lyn embarks on a quest to find and assemble the shattered pieces of a magical urn to vanquish the troublesome poltergeists.

The game offers a dynamic and unpredictable gameplay experience with procedurally generated room layouts, changing walls, and variable enemy placements. Each new run promises a unique combination of ghostly encounters, requiring Lyn to employ stealth and speed to traverse hordes of ghouls and ectoplasms. Overcoming bone-chilling bosses, who guard each urn shard fiercely, adds to the challenge and excitement.

Image: Atari

Key Features of Haunted House

Haunted House introduces a range of key features that elevate its gameplay experience. The resurrection of Atari’s classic as a roguelite introduces elements that ensure no two play-throughs are identical. This combination of stealth challenges and mystifying elements offers a thrilling gaming experience that stands out in today’s gaming landscape.

Despite its horror undertones, the game’s cartoonish art style offers a playful touch, making it an all-ages thrill ride. Emphasizing stealth-based gameplay and light combat sequences, the game is rated E, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of players.

One significant feature of Haunted House is the option to unlock different playable characters as Lyn frees her trapped friends. Each friend possesses distinct stats that influence gameplay, resulting in unique exploration experiences.

The game also includes a multitude of collectibles and lore from the original Haunted House and other classic Atari favorites. Stealth remains a key aspect, with players using shadows and a range of traps and items to distract enemies while Lyn collects gems to enhance her skills and perks for future explorations of the mansion’s labyrinth.

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