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Cookie Run: OvenBreak Adds New Shine Muscat Cookie in June 14th Update

Image: Devsisters

Story Highlights

  • The June 14 update introduces a new character, Shine Muscat Cookie, and its pet, Director Q.
  • A special costume draw for Popping Candy Cookie’s Film Festival Guest Performer is scheduled.
  • Balance adjustments and bug fixes are made to improve gameplay experience.

Introducing Shine Muscat Cookie

The team behind Cookie Run: OvenBreak unveiled a new character in the June 14 update. Named Shine Muscat Cookie, the character brings a fresh dynamic to the game, gaining points after a successful photoshoot. Accompanying the new cookie is its pet, Director Q. The pet adds a unique game mechanic where it allows the player to earn points without running into obstacles after clacking the clapboard.

Special Costume Draw and More

Alongside the introduction of Shine Muscat Cookie, a special costume draw event has been announced. The event features the ‘Film Festival Guest Performer’ costume for Popping Candy Cookie and runs from June 14, 09:00 to July 27, 08:00 (GMT+9).

As for the Giant Veggie Contest, the first chapter has officially ended. Players who participated in the Hard Mode before the end of the chapter will receive in-game rewards, depending on their ranking. However, they are reminded to claim these rewards within three months after the chapter ends.

Additionally, the Fashion Week Brand Showroom map has been replaced with the Cutting Edge CookieBot Laboratory map. Some jelly placements have also been adjusted in the Music Room stage and the Rooftop stage of the Spooky Scary School map. To support players in these changes, Dr. Wasabi’s Combi Generator will be temporarily disabled to calculate optimal combinations for the new and changed maps, with an estimated return date of June 17.

Balance Adjustments and Bug Fixes

The update also addresses balance adjustments and bug fixes to enhance the gameplay experience. Popping Candy Cookie will see an increase in Concert Cheer Points and Autograph Points, and a display issue related to the gauge over Cherry Blossom Cookie’s head has been fixed. Changes to pets include an increase in Lightstick Points for Angel Lightstick. For treasures, E-Z Camera will now offer increased Snapshot Points. In addition, a Combi bonus will result in increased Lightstick Points for a combination of Popping Candy Cookie and Angel Lightstick.

Written by Shaun Savage

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