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Vampire Survivors 4-Player Couch Co-Op Releases on August 17

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Story Highlights

  • A couch co-op mode, supporting up to 4 players, is coming to Vampire Survivors on August 17.
  • This new update enables you to play the whole game, including all updates and DLCs, in local co-op, either by continuing a current game or starting a new one.
  • Vampire Survivors will also be available on Nintendo Switch starting from August 17.

Vampire Survivors is set to introduce a significant feature to its gameplay – a couch co-op mode. This highly requested community feature, supporting up to 4 players, will be added to the game on August 17.

With the forthcoming update, players will be able to experience the entire game, including all updates and DLCs, in couch co-op mode. The mode will allow players to either continue their current game or embark on a fresh adventure. Furthermore, switching between single and co-op play between stages will be seamless, and players will still be able to unlock achievements in this mode. It should be noted that this mode will also function on Steam Deck, providing players are in close proximity or connected to a TV.

Alongside the release of the co-op mode, Vampire Survivors will also be available on Nintendo Switch starting from August 17. The process of porting the game to Nintendo Switch has been in progress for several months, and finally, the button will be pressed, expanding the game’s reach to Nintendo Switch users.

FAQs about the Couch Co-Op Mode

The gameplay will remain mostly unchanged, with some adjustments due to the addition of more players. For instance, players will share the “level up” bar and the experience points, with leveling up taking turns. The screen will remain unsplit, keeping all players visible on the same screen, and there will be several ways to sabotage each other.

Local couch co-op will support up to 4 players, but it will not include an online play feature officially. However, online gaming solutions like Steam Remote Play Together will enable players to play online. There will be no couch co-op specific levels or achievements, to ensure that no one feels compelled to play co-op to unlock and see everything in the game.

Also, while the couch co-op mode doesn’t include a versus mode, the dynamics of the co-op gameplay will undoubtedly test friendships. Lastly, there are plans to continue supporting the game with free updates and paid DLCs, which you will be able to play solo or in co-op mode, as per your preference.

Source: Steam Blog

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