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Turnip Boy Robs a Bank Announced for Nintendo Switch Release

Key art of the game Turnip Boy Robs a Bank that shows logo. It displays robbers driving away from bank while being chased by cops.
Image: Snoozy Kazoo

Story Highlights

  • Snoozy Kazoo and Graffiti Games have confirmed that their upcoming game, Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, will be launching on the Nintendo Switch platform.
  • The game serves as the sequel to Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion and will feature roguelite elements in a single-player, comedic action-adventure setting.
  • Players can expect intense shootouts, a large cast of food-based characters, and an exploration of Turnip Boy’s world in this anticipated release.

The team of Snoozy Kazoo and Graffiti Games has announced that their upcoming title, Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch. This comedic action-adventure game, which also incorporates roguelite elements, comes as a follow-up to the much-discussed game, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion.

The release is not just limited to Nintendo’s platform, as the game is also expected to launch on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass later this year.

Plotting the Perfect Heist

Turnip Boy is back in action after his tax evasion adventures, and this time he’s teaming up with the infamous Pickle Gang for a daring bank heist. As players delve deeper into the vaults of the Botanical Bank, they’ll find themselves shaking down hostages, stealing valuable items, and engaging in clashes with law enforcement.

To successfully pull off the heist, players will need to make use of various eccentric tools obtained from the dark web. These include a diamond pickaxe, C4, and a radio jammer. As bank robbing is no simple feat, players should brace themselves for intense encounters with security guards, elite SWAT teams, and more.

Key Features

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank promises an exciting single-player adventure complete with bank robbing, web surfing, and showdowns with the authorities. The roguelite elements will add an extra layer of unpredictability, while the vast bank environment offers plenty to explore and loot.

In addition to this, players will encounter a broad cast of idiosyncratic food-based characters, some of whom may be familiar from the previous game. Additionally, there will be new citizens, each with their own stories and problems. Furthermore, the game provides collectible hats for customization, and new music tracks to set the mood during gameplay. The game also promises to delve deeper into Turnip Boy’s world, shedding light on its history and evolution.

The game is currently available for wishlist additions on Steam.

Written by Shaun Savage

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