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Starship Troopers: Extermination Update 0.3.0 Mutated Sands is Available

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Story Highlights

  • Update 0.3.0: Mutated Sands introduces a new map location, the Fuel Depot on Valaka, along with the buildable Twin Machine Gun Emplacement, and mission Mutators.
  • Several gameplay changes have been implemented, with the aim of improving overall experience and rectifying community-sourced issues.
  • The update presents an extensive rebalance of the game’s weapons, adding a new layer of strategy and depth to Starship Troopers: Extermination’s combat.

An Overview of Update 0.3.0: Mutated Sands

Starship Troopers: Extermination’s latest patch, Update 0.3.0: Mutated Sands, promises a plethora of additions and changes to the game, offering fresh experiences to players. Among the most significant changes are the new map location, Fuel Depot on Valaka, and the inclusion of the buildable Twin Machine Gun Emplacement. The update also introduces a unique gameplay element known as Mutators, which bring a range of buffs, debuffs, and global conditions to the battlefield.

In terms of maps, the new Fuel Depot, located in southern Valaka, offers a unique industrial location where players can establish and defend their bases. This area presents logistical challenges due to its cliff-edge location, overlooking a valley. Thus, players will need to strategize well to avoid getting trapped when the Bugs attack.

Equally exciting is the introduction of the Twin Machine Gun Emplacement. This heavy-duty, manned machine gun can be installed in bases or other constructions. Players need to coordinate their efforts to maintain its operability as it takes damage during firing. Developers are particularly interested in player feedback regarding the feel and mechanics of this new weapon addition.

Mutators and Weapon Rebalancing

Mutators offer a different dimension to the game’s warfare. Each match of AAS or ARC above Recruit (Easy) difficulty can have up to three Mutators applied to it, creating unique challenges and counter-combos while offering alternative narratives and ambiance. There are two types of Mutators – Arachnid and Scenario – each affecting gameplay differently.

Arachnid Mutators give the Arachnids either a boost in one stat and a reduction in another or alter the frequency and composition of Arachnid encounters. Scenario Mutators, on the other hand, alter the match’s story by modifying Troopers, the environment, and the flow of missions, creating a variety of gameplay outcomes.

Weapon balancing is another significant aspect of Update 0.3.0. The update brings in a wide range of changes to the game’s weaponry, with every weapon undergoing rebalancing to varying degrees. This rebalancing process should enhance gameplay strategy and offer players fresh combat experiences.

Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes

Other noteworthy updates include the addition of new servers in the APAC region, providing improved connectivity for players in Asia East, Asia Southeast, and Australia Southeast. Furthermore, a host of community-sourced improvements and bug fixes are part of this update, enhancing the overall gameplay experience for all Troopers.

Source: Steam Blog

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