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Star Trucker: A Galactic Journey of Truck Simulation, Coming to PC in 2024

Image: Monster & Monster

Story Highlights

  • Indie developer Monster and Monster has announced Star Trucker, a unique space truck simulator game with RPG elements, set to release in 2024.
  • The game, which combines truck simulation with retro-futuristic sci-fi elements, boasts an eclectic cast of fully voiced characters and an original soundtrack.
  • Players can look forward to navigating a dynamic galaxy, customizing their rigs, and managing an ever-shifting galactic economy.

Monster and Monster, the independent game developer, in collaboration with publisher Raw Fury, is making waves with the announcement of Star Trucker. Presented at the Future Games Show, Star Trucker promises a unique blend of truck simulation and sci-fi elements. The game, set in a retro-futuristic universe, offers players an immersive experience, featuring an original soundtrack and an ensemble of fully voiced characters.

Image: Monster & Monster

The Gameplay

Star Trucker presents players with an escapism experience where the entire galaxy is open for business. Players will jump into the driver’s seat of an intergalactic big rig, hauling cargo, trading salvage, and seeking their fortune amidst the stars.

Hauling cargo across space, players will explore a multitude of environments, encountering beautiful wonders, potential hazards, and bustling sectors filled with interactive characters. As they navigate the galaxy, they’ll encounter truckers, stations, shipyards, and traders, all while dealing with tolls and managing their route.

Within the game, players will need to master zero-gravity physics, both within and outside of their vehicle, performing tasks such as docking, towing, drifting, and even spacewalks for essential maintenance. The truck is entirely under the player’s control, allowing them to upgrade its systems for access to new destinations and personalize its appearance.

Key Features

Star Trucker stands out in the realm of simulation games due to its wide array of features. Players will be navigating a dynamic galaxy teeming with fellow truckers, stellar events, and hazards, all offering a vibrant and immersive playing environment. The game further diversifies the player’s experience by unlocking a wide array of haulage jobs, trailer types, suppliers, and cargo.

Image: Monster & Monster

In terms of customization, Star Trucker brings plenty of options to the table. Players can personalize their rig with an extensive collection of parts and paint jobs, allowing them to stand out as they traverse through the galactic highways. The aspect of spacewalks for essential maintenance and salvage collection adds a new layer of excitement and responsibility for players.

Image: Monster & Monster

Moreover, Star Trucker presents a responsive galactic economy where players can trade small goods and contraband. The economy shifts over time, keeping players on their toes and encouraging strategic gameplay. Last but not least, the game emphasizes immersion with a fully voiced cast of characters. The interaction via CB radio between these characters further enhances the authenticity of the trucking experience, solidifying Star Trucker as a unique venture in the world of truck simulators.

Star Trucker represents a new frontier in the truck simulator genre, taking it to a whole new level with its sci-fi elements and robust gameplay mechanics. With its release in 2024, PC gamers can anticipate a unique and captivating journey across the cosmos.

The game is available to be wishlisted on Steam.

Written by Shaun Savage

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