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Sons of the Forest Patch 07 Adds Head Trophies, Drivable Carts, Dedicated Servers, Frogs and More

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Story Highlights

  • The introduction of a new boss battle and cutscene
  • The implementation of dedicated servers for improved multiplayer gaming
  • Addition of numerous in-game items and features such as a rifle, head trophies, and drivable golf carts

Sons of the Forest has released its 7th patch, offering gamers a slew of fresh features and enhancements. In a significant update, the game introduces a brand-new end boss battle accompanied by a cutscene. A first pass at dedicated servers is now included, paving the way for improved multiplayer gaming experiences. Detailed guidelines on setting up and hosting a dedicated server are available via a Steam Guide.

Apart from these major upgrades, the game now features several new additions such as drivable golf carts and a rifle, the latter can be found within one of the in-game caves. Players will encounter decorative frogs perched on lily pads, adding to the game’s ambiance. Another notable inclusion is the ability to decapitate dead animals and use their heads as wall decorations, a feature that takes customization to a whole new level.

In addition to these enhancements, the developers have improved stone buildings significantly and added numerous other features. The eastern side of the map has been updated with additional streams, waterfalls, lakes, ponds, cannibal villages, rope bridges, and more, enriching the overall environment. New gameplay elements such as the dirty/clean water system add to the game’s realism.

The game’s mechanics have also received updates for better user engagement. Stones can now inflict damage when thrown and can be attached to ziplines along with logs. Other minor adjustments include a visual update for cat food and allowing the character, Kelvin, to complete the building of stone fireplaces. The game also received numerous visual improvements and performance enhancements.

Balance and Fixes

The new patch also addresses balance and bug fixes to offer a more enjoyable and seamless gaming experience. Drinking dirty water will now result in minor health damage, pushing players to collect clean water or boil it. A new custom game setting allows players to toggle the pausing of the world simulation when in inventory, which is now set to false by default in hard survival mode.

Bug fixes include resolving issues with Knight V’s and gliders vanishing in certain save games, improvements in weather occlusion, and fixing audio issues with the heavy male cannibal’s idle sound. The developers have also rectified a number of minor building issues related to struts and beams. Other bug fixes have improved the player’s interaction with in-game items and their placement.

In terms of audio, the developers have added all missing mouseover and pickup events, while also updating distances on flare audio attenuation and tuning levels. These sound effects are triggered when items hit other pickups, ensuring a more realistic auditory experience for players.

Source: Sons of the Forest Steam Blog

Written by Shaun Savage

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