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Second Samurai Shodown Rollback Beta Test to Launch on June 13th

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Story Highlights

  • The second Community Beta Test for Samurai Shodown commences on June 13th, incorporating the much-awaited rollback netcode update.
  • Known desyncs, crashes, and duplicated attack frames have been significantly addressed since the first beta test, based on community feedback.
  • The beta test can be joined through the Steam platform, accessible worldwide, and lasts until June 20th.

Samurai Shodown Rolls Out Second Community Beta Test

Samurai Shodown is officially integrating the rollback netcode into its game system. The adaptation of this technology necessitates robust testing, an opportunity where the gaming community’s involvement becomes crucial.

Anticipating a smoother process, the game’s developers are set to release the second Community Beta Test on June 13th. The contributions from the first Community Beta Test have been pivotal in helping Code Mystics, the developer, to fix most of the issues that hampered gameplay. Significant improvements include:

  • A marked reduction in known desyncs, although players are encouraged to report any missed instances.
  • Dramatic decrease in game crashes.
  • Massive cuts in duplicated attack frames.
  • The addition of Spectating and Online Training modes.

How to Participate in the Beta Test

To join the beta test, players should access Samurai Shodown’s properties on Steam, navigate to the Betas tab, and select “Rollback Beta 2” from the drop-down menu. This action triggers an update on Steam, allowing users to access the early beta version of Samurai Shodown featuring the updated rollback netcode. This beta version, however, only enables matchups between other Beta version users.

Players can opt out at any time by selecting “NONE” under the Betas tab. The Beta test, available worldwide, begins on June 13th at 8 AM JST and concludes on June 20th at 8 AM JST. The Samurai Shodown developers express their gratitude for continued support and encourage gamers to enjoy and provide feedback on this significant update.

Source: Steam Blog

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