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New Warframe Kullervo Set for Release on June 21

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Story Highlights

  • The new Warframe, Kullervo, is scheduled for release on June 21 as part of the next act in The Duviri Paradox.
  • Kullervo’s unique abilities include a passive skill that boosts efficiency and speed, as well as powerful active abilities centered on using daggers and curses.
  • The update will introduce new features and items, including Duviri Island, a new boss battle, the Gauss Kresnik Collection, Kaithe Customizations, and new Decrees.


On June 21, gamers are invited to delve deeper into the world of Duviri with the release of a new Warframe, Kullervo. Set in the backdrop of a massive island prison, Kullervo is a character surrounded by tragedy, awaiting the player’s redemption. Alongside Kullervo’s release, various features and items are set to be introduced.

Kullervo and His Abilities

Kullervo wields trademark daggers and has a thirst for vengeance. His primary skills revolve around his melee prowess, further enhanced by his Passive ability: Whispers of Vaenn. This ability allows Kullervo to have increased Heavy Attack Efficiency and Heavy Attack Wind-Up Speed on all Melee weapons.

Image: Digital Extremes

Kullervo’s other abilities include Wrathful Advance, where he can charge and teleport to strike targets or teleport to marked locations. Recompense surrounds Kullervo with daggers, healing him if they strike enemies, while causing him damage if they miss. Collective Curse lets Kullervo curse enemies, making them share damage taken, and Storm of Ukko rains daggers down upon his foes.

New Features

The update is also set to bring a time-limited event called Kullervo’s Hold and a new location known as Duviri Island. Players can explore the island’s fortress, uncover Kullervo’s crimes, and face off against a mysterious warden in an epic showdown. Additionally, the update unlocks a new boss battle in the Undercroft, offering greater rewards for those who have acquired at least seven Decrees.

Upcoming Collections and Customizations

Other highlights include the Gauss Kresnik Collection, featuring the Gauss Kresnik Skin, the fiery Bolide Syandana, and the Hermes’ weapon-inspired Acceltra Caduceus. Kaithe Customizations also add visual upgrades to players’ steeds, and the Drifter Orizu Suit Collection introduces a unique aesthetic to the Fashion Frame.

With the release of 15 new Decrees, the game offers more variety to the players during their Duviri runs. One example is the Fragile Vanity Decree, which reduces 50% of the player’s current Armor while adding Damage from players’ shots based on the Armor remaining.

TennoGen and More

The update will also include TennoGen items, featuring community-created designs such as Weapon Skins, Armor, and a fresh redesign for the Landing Craft. With these new features, players have even more opportunities to personalize their Warframe experience.

Source: Steam Blog

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