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Lightyear Frontier Gears Up for Early Access Launch in 2024

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Story Highlights

  • Lightyear Frontier, an open-world farming adventure game, is preparing for an Early Access release on Xbox Series and PC in 2024.
  • The game, a collaborative effort of Amplifier Game Invest and developer FRAME BREAK, enables exofarmers to build and explore in a serene, extraterrestrial setting.
  • Features include cross-play between console and PC, in-depth exploration of varied biomes, and extensive mech customization options.

Developer FRAME BREAK and publisher Amplifier Game Invest have revealed their plans for the upcoming Early Access release of Lightyear Frontier. This open-world farming adventure game is set to land on Xbox Series and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store in early 2024.

About Lightyear Frontier

In Lightyear Frontier, players assume the role of pioneering exofarmers, tasked with establishing a thriving homestead on a novel and picturesque planet. The game encourages players to live in harmony with the environment, as their actions will cause the world to respond and evolve. Up to four players can share the same planet, traversing its varied landscapes in fully customizable mechs, and cooperating to build and discover.

Image: Frame Break

The objective for these exofarmers is to learn to coexist with the planet, uncover ancient secrets, and develop a successful farm as they construct the homestead of their dreams in a distant corner of the galaxy.

Key Features

The game offers a variety of engaging features. Exofarmers can choose to venture solo or team up with up to three friends online to explore their interplanetary neighborhood and cultivate relations with extraterrestrial inhabitants. A notable inclusion is the support for cross-play between console and PC, opening up more opportunities for collaboration.

Players have the freedom to establish and develop a homestead with various unique structures. By teaming up with friends, they can cultivate a prosperous farm and safeguard their crops from hazards, aiming for a bountiful harvest.

The vast expanse of the Frontier presents numerous landmarks and mysteries, offering diverse biomes for players to discover and ruins to investigate, either alone or as part of an expedition party.

Players must balance gathering and growing resources for crafting and sharing with other players or trading with the Merchant while preserving the natural ecosystem to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

Lastly, exofarmers can express their individuality by customizing their mech with a wide selection of unique upgrades and components. These elements serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, enabling players to exhibit their distinctive style across the galaxy.

Written by Shaun Savage

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