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Kerbal Space Program 2 v0.1.3.0 Adds 3D Map Toggles, Multi-Join System for Wings, & More

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Story Highlights

  • Enhanced visibility options for 3D maps, enabling more user control
  • Introduction of a multi-joint system for wings, incorporating a scalable array of four joints along the wing root
  • A slew of bug fixes and performance optimizations, bolstering the overall game experience

The v0.1.3.0 update of Kerbal Space Program 2 takes user experience to the next level with the addition of 3D map visibility customization and an upgraded wing joint system. The new 3D map visibility control allows players to toggle the visibility of certain map elements, enhancing usability and offering a more personalized interface.

For enthusiasts of aircraft design and flight, the update incorporates an improved multi-joint system for wings. This system arranges a scalable array of four joints along the wing root, promising more intricate and dynamic wing configurations.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

The update also brings an exhaustive list of bug fixes and performance enhancements. From correcting animation errors and addressing issues with game physics, to streamlining in-game processes, these refinements promise to improve the gameplay experience significantly.

Apart from the headline features, the update addresses minor issues that had the potential to disrupt gameplay. Notable corrections include the staging of engine-caused decouplers and fairing shrouds, brake activation affecting multiple vehicles simultaneously post-undocking, and landing gear friction level settings not propagating to flight from the VAB.

Moreover, the game developers have dedicated substantial effort to performance optimization. This includes a new compute kernel to boost terrain performance, cloud shader algorithm improvements for better GPU performance, and an implemented job system to handle per-part water detection, which greatly reduces CPU time. These enhancements ensure a smoother gaming experience, regardless of the complexity of the tasks or missions undertaken by players.

Source: Steam Blog

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